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Expedia is dedicated to developing wholesale agreements to meet the tremendous demand generated by our many distribution points.

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What is a Merchant or ESR Hotel?

Hotel suppliers who negotiate a wholesale (FIT) net rate agreement with us can be seen on Expedia websites as Expedia Special Rates (ESR), as well as bundled in Expedia vacation packages together with air, car, and other services like attraction and event tickets. There is no cost for hotels to participate in the Expedia Special Rates program.
ESR properties enjoy prominent placement on Expedia websites and the listing is enhanced with thorough content including descriptions, attributes and photos. Travelers shopping on Expedia websites can request reservations for room nights offered by participating hotel suppliers. Expedia bills the customer directly at the time of booking. Once the customer is charged, the reservation information is sent directly to the hotel. The property then bills Expedia directly upon check out.
You can seasonally position rates, sell distressed periods, and offer bundled opaque-only rates.
Easily Manage Rates and Restrictions: Rates and restrictions can be easily viewed and modified online through the Expedia HotelExtranet tool.
Merchandising: Participating supplier inventory is seen throughout the Internet, potentially exposing millions of additional travelers to featured travel products.
Please visit www.joinexpedia.com for more information on how to participate in the Expedia Special Rate program.

We are an ESR hotel and we need to update the content for our ESR listing. Whom do we contact?

The Expedia Lodging Content team is responsible for creating and maintaining your Expedia description. This includes:
  1. Photos
  2. Amenity-list updates
  3. Room descriptions
  4. Text descriptions (search results, overview description, etc.)
  5. Airport driving directions and nearby points of interest
This does NOT include:
  1. Rate/inventory-related requests
  2. Extranet-related requests
  3. Star-rating requests
  4. Map or geography-related (i.e. nearest major airport, city search, etc.) requests
For all properties, please send an email to content@expedia.com if you need to update your Expedia hotel description. All emails must include the following in the Subject line:
  1. Your hotel name, city, state and country
  2. Nature of request (e.g. “New photos for Expedia description”)
You will receive an automated reply immediately and a second, follow-up/confirmation reply from the Expedia Lodging Content team within 3–5 business days.

You may be asked to complete a standardized form to help expedite any change request. Please also bear in mind that Expedia reserves the right to control its hotel descriptions and may not be able to make all changes/updates as requested.

How can we update our ESR rates, restrictions or inventory?

Please contact your Expedia Market Manager for assistance with updating your ESR rates or inventory.

We're having trouble accessing our ESR Extranet account. Whom do we contact?

Please contact your Expedia Market Manager for assistance with accessing your HotelExtranet account.

How can we request an ESR customer's reservation be resent to our property?

This information is available 24/7 by accessing your Extranet account at https://hotelextranet.com.

How can we request an arrivals report?

This information is available 24/7 by accessing your Extranet account at https://hotelextranet.com.

How do we purchase advertising for our ESR property?

If you are interested in advertising, more information can be found at www.advertising.expedia.com. You may also contact your Expedia Market Manager for more information.

Will my property be available across all of the Expedia websites (Points of Sale) and Affiliate sites on participation?

Absolutely. This is what makes working with Expedia so powerful. With one listing your hotel is automatically available to the 60 million worldwide customers who visit Expedia sites every month—that is more than any other online travel company in the world.

How do I update my Star Ratings on the site?

If you want an adjustment to be made to your star rating, please email ratings@expedia.com and an independent evaluation committee will process your request. An initial response to a star ratings review request will be sent within 3 business days.

How can my hotel become a part of the Expedia Insiders' Select Program?

The Expedia Insiders’ Select list is developed using a weighted mathematical formula that combines three factors:
  1. The Expedia collection of hundreds of thousands of Traveler Opinions - hotel reviews created by Expedia travelers after they complete a stay at a hotel they booked on Expedia.
  2. A value rating that compares hotel properties to others within the same star-rating and geography to identify hotels that deliver not only great overall experience but also a notable value for the money; and
  3. The local expertise and insight from the hundreds of Expedia employees on the ground in destinations throughout the world.
Given that the methodology weights the two quantitative components more heavily than the third (a qualitative component), it is difficult to guarantee placement on the list. That said, the most heavily weighted factor is the cumulative Traveler Opinions scores submitted by Expedia travelers, so the best way to influence your ranking on the Insiders’ Select list is to consistently deliver a great experience to your guests who book on Expedia. In addition, a value rating is one of the three methodological factors, so those hotels that deliver a competitive value in the rates they offer through Expedia may be able to increase their rankings.
You may even consider encouraging your Expedia guests who you know have enjoyed their stay to submit a Traveler Opinion when they return home. If this is of interest, we can provide you a flyer that your staff can give to Expedia guests at checkout that will encourage them to share their positive experience in a Traveler Opinion review of their stay.

What is the significance of Traveler Opinion and the ratings?

Potential guests are likely to make hotel stay decisions based on the feedback from prior guests and star rating. Each hotel star rating is determined using a wide array of factors including: quality of hard and soft goods, guest service, amenities offered on-property, aesthetics and decor, recent completed room renovations, and customer feedback. When the star ratings team looks at customer feedback, we review the comments of actual Expedia guests in the Expedia Traveler Opinions.
Traveler Opinions are written by the guests themselves about their personal experience at your property. It is important to review the Traveler Opinions to understand what customers are saying about you. We only allow verified guests of the hotel to leave reviews of your hotel. The guest must log in to their Expedia account to verify their booking before they can leave a hotel review. Customer are allowed six months after returning from their trip to write a review. All reviews are monitored for profanity, specific room rates, etc. before being added to the site.

My hotel has a virtual tour of its own. Can I have that on Expedia website in my property profile?

Absolutely. If you would like to submit your own virtual tour(s), please contact the Virtual Tour Team at expevt@expedia.com for more information.

My hotel is a merchant hotel on Expedia. Are there any connectivity solutions that can link my property rates/availability directly with/on Expedia?

Expedia currently has two connectivity solutions available:
  1. Expedia® Connect designed for global chains connecting either through their proprietary CRS or third party CRS.
  2. Expedia QuickConnect™ tailored to the needs of independent hotels and regional chains providing connectivity to hotel systems whether they be a CRS, PMS or Channel Manager.
Both solutions negate the need to update rates and inventory manually via the Expedia HotelExtranet and deliver reservations seamlessly into the hotel system saving hotels time and resources, eliminating human errors and allowing hotels to focus on defining and implementing their revenue strategy.
For more information on both solutions please visit www.expediaconnect.com.

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