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GDS Hotels

What is a GDS hotel?

GDS stands for Global Distribution System. A GDS is a company which provides automated services to travel vendors such as hotels, airlines and car rental companies. A GDS hotel's inventory and rates can be accessed and booked by any travel agent that subscribes to the GDS.
Expedia works with two GDS systems: Worldspan and Pegasus. Hotels participate with one or both GDS through their chain (or property management representative for non-chain hotels).
The GDS transmits their loaded rates and rules about a specific reservation on the Expedia websites when customers request them. Expedia transmits the reservation information through the GDS to the hotel and the hotel then settles the transaction directly with the customer.
Content about the property (address, phone, photos, descriptions, amenities, etc.) is stored on the Expedia site by way of downloads transmitted by the GDS.

How can we list our GDS hotel property on the Expedia Websites?

In order for you to be listed on the Expedia Websites, you must be listed in one or both Global Distribution Systems (GDS) used by Expedia: Worldspan (at an Access Plus level or above) or Pegasus. If your properties are affiliated with hotel chains, or other property management services, they may already be listed.

For more information about how to sell through Worldspan as a Access Plus level participant, please email Worldspan Supplier Relations at suppliers@worldspan.com

How can we update our GDS property information on the Expedia Websites (e.g. address, phone number, content, photos, rates)?

All GDS Hotel rate and content information is received from one of two Global Distribution Systems (GDS): Worldspan or Pegasus. Only content that is imported from Pegasus will display on our site. You'll need to contact your chain or property management representative to have this information updated.

If your properties are already affiliated with hotel chains, or other property management services, their GDS representatives may be able to provide you with more assistance.

We have a GDS hotel. How can we convert our property to an Expedia Special Rate (ESR) listing?

Please visit www.joinexpedia.com for more information on how to participate in the Expedia Special Rate program.

How much would it cost to become an Expedia Special Rate hotel?

Signing up to be an ESR hotel is free! The Expedia revenue model is based on bookings, not fees.
Please note: to purchase advertising or run a promotion on Expedia Websites, your hotel is required to be a member of the Expedia Special Rate (ESR) program. Please visit www.joinexpedia.com for more information on how to participate in the Expedia Special Rate program.

How do we pay our GDS hotel booking commissions?

Contact Expedia Hotel Commissions at exphtlcm@expedia.com for details on payment options available for outstanding GDS commissions.
Failure to pay outstanding commissions may result in your hotel being removed from our sites.

How long does it take to convert a GDS Hotel to an Expedia Special Rate Hotel on Expedia?

It takes between 5-10 days to convert a GDS hotel to an ESR hotel on Expedia.

What additional marketing/merchandising exposure is provided to an Expedia Special Rate hotel that is not applicable for GDS?

ESR hotels can compete for sort placement on the first several pages of the Expedia search results. Only ESR hotels can be included in Expedia promotional opportunities (e.g. Summer of Adventure Sale). Additionally, only ESR hotels can purchase additional marketing and advertising programs from Expedia to support your own company's initiatives and programs

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