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About Mars: The 411

From extraterrestrial fantasies to colonization epics, the fourth planet from the sun has fired our imagination for generations. Numerous scientific expeditions, including the rediscovery of water by the Phoenix Lander, have shown its similarities to Earth. While tantalizing mysteries—are the clouds of methane over Mars? North Pole a sign of life?—still elude us.

Discover the mystique and mystery of the red planet for yourself! Mars is now home to the

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Things to Do on Mars

Life on Mars

The presence of life on Mars is completely unverified by any and all Martian and/or terrestrial research teams. All Martian vehicles and accommodations found on Expedia comply with the strictest bio-isolation guidelines for your safety and convenience.

Map of Mars

Martian Weather

On Mars, summer lasts twice as long, and it never rains, so prepare yourself for months of relaxation. The skies are always pink and, outside of dust season, the stars are clearer and more sparkly than you?ve ever seen them. If you venture outside, however, be prepared for very cold temperatures (as low as -220 F) and the occasional planet-wide dust storm.

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