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Otherworldly Activities On Mars

The Red Planet is now open for visitors! Explore this once-inaccessible frontier—and its wealth of intriguing adventures. The low gravity on Mars and its moons has created an entirely new category of sports, while the landscape of the planet offers opportunities for outdoor escapes. Check out the activities below to round out your Mars vacation.

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Dust Surfing
1 - Dust Surfing
Do you only live to get radical? Experience 100% pure adrenaline when you dust surf the break of one of the largest dunes in the solar system. Johnny U's Dust Surfing experts will teach you the necessary skills to drop into a ride that will make you say "Whoah."

Sunset Dinner
2 - Sunset Dinner & Star Gazing
Woo your sweetie with a romantic meal in the SuperGlass observation dome. Dense clusters of stars fill the Mars skyline, brighter than anything you'll see on Earth. Gaze at the stars, while savoring a gourmet, 4-course meal for two.

Martian Arts
3 - Super Low-G Martian Arts
Travel to Phobos, a moon of Mars, for a spectator sport unlike any other. Aerial gymnastics, complete with flips, "flying," and mid-air summersaults characterize this athletic contest. After a match, step into the ring yourself to give it a whirl.

Rover Rides
4 - Chartered Mars Rover Rides
Wander the alien surface of Mars on a customized land tour. Collaborate with your Rover Drover to create an itinerary full of the space-y sites you want to see, from the Valles Marineris to the Galle Crater and Utopia Planitia.

Climb Olympus Mons
5 - Climb Olympus Mons
Ascend the highest mountain in the entire solar system! This guided climb takes 15-50 days and, once at the top, provides a view unlike any other. Climbers of all ages and physical levels are encouraged to participate.

Face Time on Mars
6 - Face Time on Mars
Through some strange twist, the Mars surface is littered with formations that look eerily like faces. See the many faces of Mars during your Pareidolia Tour, including the Smiley Face Crater, the Chryse Alien Head, and even the mysterious Face on Mars.

Space Archeology
7 - Space Archeology
Visit the Syria Planum Dig Site, learning more about Mars with Dr. Bester and the Interplanetary Expeditions Team as they explore beneath the surface to learn more about Mars. You can even join in the dig yourself!

Mars History Tour
8 - Mars History Tour
You've read the news, now see the sites for yourself. Tour the landing sites of the most famous Mars missions—the Vikings, Pathfinder, Rovers, and Phoenix. Some tours even include an expedition to see the Beagle crash site.

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