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Reducing your carbon footprint

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The hows and whys of carbon offsetting

Air travel is unavoidable as we embark on global adventures, discovering new cultures and countries. However, a typical roundtrip cross-country flight can release around 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per passenger—making carbon offsets an important part of green travel at Expedia.

By purchasing carbon offsets, you can fund a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions roughly equal to your output, counterbalancing the effects of your air travel. Expedia has partnered with TerraPass, a leading carbon offset provider, to help you easily reduce your carbon footprint.

Fly green with Expedia

Our partner, TerraPass, has created carbon offset bundles based on the distance you plan to fly—short, cross-country, and international—to fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects. When you book your flight on Expedia, it’s simple to add TerraPass carbon offsets. Each bundle funds:

Clean energy
TerraPass helps fund wind farms, which generate virtually carbon-free electricity, unlike conventional energy sources such as coal and natural gas.
Farm power
Help farmers capture methane, a powerful global warming gas. TerraPass supports anaerobic digesters which can destroy methane or use it to create clean energy.
Landfill gas capture
As trash buried in landfills decomposes, it releases methane into the atmosphere. Your money supports projects that capture that methane, destroying it or turning it into clean energy.
Adding a TerraPass to your flight

  1. After you’ve booked your flight, go to the Expedia activities page.
  2. Enter your destination and travel dates.
  3. On the search results page, scroll down to the “Travel Accessories” section and select a TerraPass.
  4. Choose the level that best matches your flight plan.
  5. Proceed through checkout!

11 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Traveling

1. Reduce excess baggage. Every pound counts.
2. Combine trips to save money and time.
3. Fly direct. Multi-leg trips pollute more.
4. Vacation near your home.
5. Stay at a hotel near the airport.
6. Take a shuttle, bus, or train to the airport.
7. Fly coach. You’ll save and it’s more efficient.
8. Rent a small or hybrid vehicle.
9. Stay at a centrally-located hotel.
10. Use public transportation—not taxis.
11. Rent a bike to sightsee.