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Best time to visit Chicago
The ideal time to visit the Windy City is summer or fall. The summer months offer an endless selection of special events and outdoor activities, but also the biggest crowds and hot, muggy weather. However, autumn days are generally sunny, and the crowds are smaller at major tourist attractions. The first snow doesnít appear until late November at the earliest. If you donít mind being indoors, winter is a great time to visit. The weather may be blustery, but there are no lines at most attractions and the hotel rates are lower.
    Peak season: A popular travel period is autumn (September–November), when the weather is moderate and the kids are back in school, making the cityís attractions less crowded. Spring and summer are also busy times. Spring weather can be unpredictable and summer can be warm; however, travelers enjoy endless special events.

    Value season: If youíre looking for the cheapest hotel rates and donít mind being indoors, travel between December and March. Added bonus: You won't have to wait to get into museums and other city attractions.

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