Willy's Rock

Gaze up at the holy statue that appears to lead this battleship-like rock formation rising above White Beach’s shallow water.

One of Boracay Island’s most iconic landmarks is Willy’s Rock, a volcanic rock formation hoisting a shrine dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rock plateau stands in shallow water just off White Beach. Capture photos of the natural structure’s dramatic scenery.

Enjoy the excellent view of the rock from White Beach at various times in the day. It is particularly dramatic at sunset, when it becomes a gradually darkening silhouette against the night sky. Note the difference at high tide, when the water reaches the third of the steps that lead to the religious statue. The rock and the statue appear much larger and taller at low tide.

Climb the man-made steps and inspect the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is covered by a concrete shelter. Be careful on the slippery stairs. Notice the small trees and shrubs that grow from the tips of the rocks. From the top of the formation, enjoy the view of the beach, with its many stalls and shops.

Willy’s Rock seems utterly alone as the sole mass in the ocean that can be seen from the beach. Its shape is often compared to a battleship, with the shrine as its mast. Snap photos of your family and friends, with the rock serving as a dramatic backdrop.

Stroll along the soft, pristine sand of White Beach, which is the most popular beach on the island. Enjoy a fruit smoothie or sip coconut water as you stroll along the white, powdery sand of this long beach.

Come to the beach to admire the rock formation. It is open at all times with no entrance fee. Find Willy’s Rock on Station 1 of the vast White Beach that occupies a large portion of Boracay Island’s western coastline. Get around this area on foot. Other attractions in this part of island include Balabag Lake, Talipapa Market and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.