Old Market

Step into this hive of activity, with stalls laden with colorful fruits and families busily doing their daily shopping.

Phnom Penh has plenty of tourist attractions, but Old Market gives you the chance to live as the locals do.

As the name implies, Old Market is a relic. It survived from the French colonial rule over a hundred years ago and still dominates the south end of the Old French Quarter. Walk here from the river, just a block away.

Venture to the north side of Old Market, where you will shop among locals buying their groceries. From vegetables to seafood to meat, this area offers everything you need to make a traditional Cambodian meal.

Explore the fruit stalls, also at the north end of the market. Here you can find many of the unique native fruits common in Cambodia. Try spiky and smelly durian or alien-looking pink dragon fruit.

Look for vendors selling glittering jewelry and some electronics here as well. If you need to exchange money, this is the place to do it.

The center of the market is home to small restaurants serving local dishes. If you don’t feel like preparing your own meal, stop here for a delicious treat.

You will also notice barbers and beauty salons scattered among the stalls. Join locals in this popular spot to be pampered for a reasonable price.

Much of the seafood and meat is brought to the market alive, so you may witness an animal being slaughtered before your eyes. Bear in mind that the Old Market caters primarily to local residents. Thus, its hygiene practices may not be on par with standards established in most Western countries.

Because most Phnom Penh locals visit it daily, Old Market has very long hours. It is open every day of the week from early morning until night.