Hanoi Opera House

This historic building is the centerpiece of Hanoi’s French Quarter and host to shows by many of Vietnam’s premier singers, dancers and musicians.

Admire the architecture of the Hanoi Opera House from the outside or buy a ticket to one of the shows to really appreciate this grand venue. The French colonialists built Hanoi’s opera house during the first decade of the 20th century. The Renaissance-style building was modeled on the Palais Garnier, the older of Paris’ two opera houses, and is one of the city’s architectural landmarks. Today the opera house remains active, hosting many of the most respected singers and dancers from both Vietnam and abroad. The opera house developed a political significance for the people of the city during the years of revolution. The stately building itself was used for major political meetings to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The area around it was the site of many battles during the fight for Vietnam’s independence from the French and the Japanese. Visit during the day to see the imposing colonial architecture of the Hanoi Opera House from the outside. Walk around the sprawling gardens as you admire its architecture. See how the huge building features many elements of Gothic and neoclassic architecture.To see the inside, you’ll need to book a seat for a performance. While the architecture is interesting, the true highlight is of course seeing a show in this grand setting. The Hanoi Opera House hosts both classic French and Italian opera and also traditional Vietnamese performances. You can also attend ballet, a symphony or a folk concert at the 600-seat venue. Be sure to plan your visit to the opera house well in advance as tickets sell out quickly.The Hanoi Opera House is located on the August Revolution Square, in the French Quarter. The building is easily reached by bus or taxi. Entry to the Opera House is only permitted with a ticket to an event, and prices vary.