Juhu Beach

Participate in seaside activities and dine on delicious street food at this extensive beach in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. 

Revel in a day of sun, sand, sea and stress-free relaxation at Juhu Beach. This sprawling sandy expanse sits on the shores of the Arabian Sea and is one of the largest beaches in Mumbai. It is located in the Juhu suburb, an upmarket enclave that's home to many Bollywood celebrities and is flanked in part by luxury hotels and apartments.

Take advantage of a variety of seaside activities. Sunbathe, splash in the surf and stroll or jog along the shoreline. You may even be able to join in a yoga session. Go on a camel ride or for more comfort, travel across the sand in a horse-drawn carriage. Watch dancing monkeys, marvel at acrobats and enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere at some sections along the shore. The beach also features statues of Indian freedom fighters, including Mahatma Gandhi who led a non-violent resistance movement against British rule.

When it's time to eat, visit the food court and sample delicious street food. Try pani puri, a dish made with rice, chutneys, onions, tomatoes and spices and order some pav bhaji, a spicy curry with lots of vegetables and soft bread. Refresh your palate with a gola, crushed ice on a stick onto which is poured a flavored syrup of your choice.

If you are here during late August or early September, witness the annual Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, which honor the birth of Ganesha. During the festivities, statues of the Hindu elephant-headed god are paraded through the streets, accompanied by music and dancing. The icons are then immersed in the sea.

Juju Beach is approximately 11 miles (18 kilometers) north of the center of Mumbai. Arrive by public transportation, rental car or taxi. Stay for sunset to see the beautiful spectacle of the sun dipping below the horizon.

If you want to experience clear sunny days at Juhu Beach, avoid the monsoon season from June through September.