Naritasan Park

Delight in the bright colors of cherry blossom trees that surround the lakes, shrines and paths of this picturesque park.

Relax and enjoy nature in the attractive surrounds of Naritasan Park. The large garden covers more than 40 acres (16 hectares) and encompasses three lakes, a temple, cherry blossoms and plum trees.

Amble along the walking paths to take in the picturesque gardens. Observe the numerous religious shrines and ornate gates and fences that are dotted around the green expanse.

Naritasan Park is built on an elevation and some of the paths are steep in places. Walk to the highest point for great vantage points over the colorful area. Take photos of the bright pink shades of the blossom trees, which are one of the trademarks of Japanese gardens.

Make your way over to the park’s water features. You will encounter a circular pool before reaching the lakes. Stepping stones and densely wooded areas encircle the bodies of water. See if you can spot some of the local wildlife, including the colorful fish below the surface. Among the bird species you may see here are the Eurasian jay and the Japanese bush warbler.

One of the highlights of the park is the area around Ryuju Pond and Monju Pond, where the pretty colors of shrubs and trees are on display year-round.

Visit the elegant Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temple complexes in Japan.

As you leave the park, explore the adjacent Naritasan Calligraphy Museum. It contains works dating back to the Edo period, an era that started in the early 17th century and lasted for more than 250 years.

Naritasan Park is open every day and admission is free. The grounds are located just behind the main hall of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple in the center of Narita. Take a train to JR Narita or Keisi Narita stations and then walk north for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Your approach will take you along Omotesando, an avenue of shops, restaurants and cafés that stretches from the stations to the park. The avenue is a great place to browse local handicrafts, works of art and souvenirs.