Universal Studios Japan™

Watch theatrical shows, meet lovable mascots and go on exhilarating rides at this extensive movie-focused theme park.

Since opening in 2001, Universal Studios Japan™ has attracted millions of visitors each year with its thrill rides, exciting events and theatrical shows. Spend a day with the family exploring its eight areas, each of which has its own distinct theme and unique attractions.

Make your way to the Hollywood section, which takes inspiration from famous Hollywood movies. Attend a live music show from Universal Monsters and wish upon a star at the Eternal Wish attraction. An extraordinary 4-D theater allows viewers to experience Shrek and _Sesame Street__._

Head to the New York area to view a Terminator 2 movie and ride the immersive Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man-themed roller coaster. Step aboard the DeLorean on the Back to the Future ride next door and look for minions roaming the streets in the San Francisco section.

The Jurassic Park roller coaster brings passengers on a journey through a prehistoric landscape inhabited by animatronic dinosaurs. For more close encounters, take the JAWS boat tour at Amity Village and see a mechanical shark attack. Play games such as Blockbuster and Coin Throw along the Amity Boardwalk for a chance to win prizes. Nearby, marvel as trained professionals perform water-based stunts during the WaterWorld show.

Enter the enchanting Wizarding World of Harry Potter and check out recreations of famous landmarks from the books and films. Eat at Three Broomsticks café, purchase novelty items at Zonko's Joke Shop and walk the halls of Hogwarts Castle.

Bring younger kids to the cute cartoon-themed Universal Wonderland. Play with Snoopy and Charlie Brown, join a Hello Kitty dance party and enjoy an educational ride with the characters of Sesame Street.

As night falls, observe the Magical Starlight Parade pass through the streets of the Hollywood part of the park, bringing with it light shows and music. Food and drink outlets can be found throughout the complex.

Universal Studios Japan™ is located near central Osaka. Get here via the Universal Citywalk, which links Universal City Station with the park entrance. The park is open daily and admission fees are required to enter.