Once home to feudal lords, this area now hosts Japan’s royal family, headquarters of multinational companies and, by night, some of the city’s liveliest nightlife.

One of Japan’s first modern business districts, Marunouchi is the site of historic Tokyo Station and the residence of Japan’s current royal family. Spend the day shopping in this district’s trendy entertainment complexes. As evening falls, join the post-work crowd for happy hour as Marunouchi transforms into one of Tokyo’s liveliest nightlife areas.

Admire the architecture of Tokyo Station’s red-brick and stone façade which dates back to the Meiji period. A 5-year renovation project was completed in 2012 to restore this building to its pre-war grandeur. During its history, the station has been the site of attacks on two different Japanese prime ministers. One of Tokyo’s busiest commuter hubs, Tokyo Station houses numerous restaurants, a hotel and a small art gallery.

Many of Marunouchi’s skyscrapers feature a combination of business offices and entertainment areas. Dine in one of the restaurants at the top of the Marunouchi Building and enjoy panoramic views over the city with your meal. Take in more cityscapes from the rooftop garden of Kitte shopping and dining complex.

Browse the extensive foreign language section inside Maruzen Bookstore, which is located in the Marunouchi Oazo Building or discover the collection of 19th-century Western art in the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. Reopened in 2010 as a museum, this institution was originally constructed in 1894, the first Western-style office building in the Marunouchi district.

Stroll through the Imperial Palace East Gardens, one of the few areas of Tokyo Imperial Palace that is open to the public. On the former site of Edo Castle in the 15th century, the current Imperial Palace is located in a large green area bordered by moats and stone walls. Now displaying picturesque Japanese and Western-style gardens, the East Gardens were once part of the old castle’s defense system. Very little of this inner defense circle remains today, although you can still see parts of the entrance, walls, gates and a few guardhouses.

Find Marunouchi on the west side of Tokyo Station, accessible via numerous high-speed Shinkansen, train and subway lines.