Roppongi Hills

This multi-use complex in southern Tokyo has hundreds of shops, an art museum and a spectacular vantage point for bird’s-eye views of the city.

The Roppongi Hills redevelopment complex opened in Roppongi in 2003 and offers opportunities for expats and locals alike to enjoy international retail shopping and other activities. Of Tokyo’s citizens, 97 percent are Japanese, so foreign visitors sometimes seek places to meet up with fellow countrymen. While the complex is constructed on only 27 acres (11 hectares), it comprises a complete city within a city. Minoru Mori, the developer of the complex, planned for commercial offices, housing, shopping, entertainment and green space, all in close proximity in order to improve quality of life.Mori Tower, named after the developer, is a 54-story tower rising 781 feet (238 meters) above Roppongi. The centerpiece of activities in Roppongi Hills, the tower has shops and restaurants on lower levels and corporate offices in the 43 middle stories. On the upper floors is the Mori Art Museum, which focuses on modern art from around the world and provides a special venue for promising young artists with its MAM Project. The museum is open daily when exhibitions are underway. Museum tickets also provide access to the Tokyo City View observation deck of the Mori Tower.Observation deck tickets can also be purchased separately to enjoy 360-degree views of the city from inside the protected glass enclosure. It opens mid-morning and stays open until one hour before or after midnight, depending on the day of the week. During good weather, you can access the outside Sky Deck for an additional fee. Enjoy the spectacular views from the deck; to the east is Tokyo Tower and to the west, Mount Fuji. Be prepared for a chilly breeze, especially after nightfall. It’s one of the best places in Tokyo to watch the sun setting and the city lighting up.Once back on the ground, step outside Mori Tower to enjoy the green space of Mori Garden, with special treats of cherry blossoms in the spring and Christmas lights at year-end. Hibaya and Oedo subway lines have stations at Roppongi for easy access to the Roppongi Hills complex.