Ta-Yai Beach

Escape the crowds, relax on pristine sand and cool off in the perfect blue water of this quiet beach on Koh Lan’s east coast.

Koh Lan is famous for its beaches and Ta-Yai Beach is one of its most attractive and serene. Set on the island’s east coast, it’s a lesser-visited beach with minimal facilities. Visitors come to Ta-Yai Beach to enjoy the tranquility of its glorious stretch of sand and enticing seawater. Find a quiet spot and throw down a towel or rent one of the several sun lounges situated along the waterfront.

The beach’s warm, transparent water is great for bathing and splashing in the small waves. Look for schools of fish swimming on the seabed. Rent an inflatable tube and float leisurely on the water or explore further along the coastline on a rented Jet Ski. Enjoy some family-friendly fun with a water-sled ride.

Take a moment to admire the surrounding natural beauty of swaying palm trees, green cliffs and jagged rocks. Spot the small island of Koh Khrok and the coastline of Pattaya, in the distance. If you are staying on Koh Lan then come to the beach at dawn to witness a picturesque sunrise. Watch as the sun rises over Pattaya city and the shimmering Bay of Bangkok.

Ta-Yai Beach is just a short drive from Na Baan Pier. It’s easily reachable via motorcycle taxis and baht buses (shared taxis), which run on fixed rates. Rent a scooter and explore the island’s other beaches at leisure. Go to Samae Beach, where walking trails lead through verdant hills to viewpoints. Visit laid-back Nual Beach and keep watch for groups of playful monkeys.

Find one restaurant on the beach, which serves snacks, refreshments and traditional Thai dishes. If you plan to spend an entire day here then you might want to bring a picnic.