Bounty Beach

See sharks and fast-moving schools of sardines when you scuba dive off the coast of this attractive beach on the island of Malapascua.

The clear water off Bounty Beach is home to one of the most popular scuba diving sites around the island of Malapascua. This is a place to see thresher sharks, manta rays and many other types of sea creatures. Even if you’re not a diver, enjoy the gorgeous scenery and calm sea swimming at the beach.

Dive centers are located directly on the beach and cater for all abilities. Book lessons, courses and trips and head out to sea for your underwater odyssey. Many divers come here to explore Monad Shoal, an underwater island that is about a 25-minute boat ride from Bounty Beach. The site is at a depth of about 70 to 90 feet (2o to 30 meters) and is for advanced divers only.

This is where you may see thresher sharks, marine mammals named after their long tails, which are used like whips to stun prey. A good time to spot them is just before or during sunrise. They come to the shoal at this time to be cleaned. Witness how they let small fish pick parasites off their bodies.

Search for other sea life at Monad Shoal, including manta rays, eagle rays and hammerhead sharks. Although some sightings are seasonal, the thresher sharks can be seen nearly every day.

When you come back to the beach, roll out your towel and relax under the hot sun. Splash around in the surf. When you feel thirsty, get a refreshing fruity cocktail or mocktail at a beach bar.

Bounty Beach is located in the southern part of Malapascua, a small island off the northeastern coast of Cebu. To get here from Cebu, take a boat from the port of Maya. Several ferry services operate during the day, but they don’t always adhere to the timetable, tending to depart when a boat is full of passengers. Some diving centers offer transfer services to the island.