Dalaguete Beach

Appreciate the views of cliffs covered with green vegetation towering over the white sand and swaying palm trees of this beach park.

With its clear, blue-green sea, Dalaguete Beach is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. It consists of a mix of high-end private resorts and a public park stretching across the town’s eastern coast. Capture photos of the picturesque backdrop and swim in the aquamarine-colored water.

Spend some time at the resorts lining the beach with swimming pools, deck chairs and food service. Admire the excellent views of the sparkling sea beside the jagged cliffs full of flourishing vegetation.

Relax in the haven of Dalaguete Beach Park, which is well maintained and clean. Sip coconut water as you enjoy an idyllic island dream. Rent deck chairs or bring your own mat to find a space in the sand. Dine at one of the small restaurants serving seafood and local specialties. Food and refreshments here are affordable.

This is among the few beaches on the island where dogs are permitted. Come during the week to miss the crowds that flood the beach on weekends. Use one of the nipa tropical cottages for your family’s base and rent showers to wash off the saltwater and sand. Vendors line the back of the beach, prepared with seemingly endless assortments of snacks and refreshments.

Walk along the rocks and dive into the clear water. Stay into the evening to see the darkening of the sky’s hues as the sun descends. At the southern end of the beach is the freshwater Obong Spring, which seems to gush from the trees. Note the milky blue-green color of the water before it meets the salty sea.

Pay a small fee to enter the public park, which helps with its maintenance and cleaning.

Dalaguete Beach stretches along part of the southeastern coast of the province of Cebu. Leave your car in the parking lot of the public park or take a bus to one of the nearby stops. From Cebu, ride a bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete and connect to the beach in a taxi.