Balinghai Beach

Watersports, scuba diving and dining on the sand are some of the treats in store for visitors to this private beach.

Balinghai Beach is a tropical beach destination in the northern part of the island of Boracay. This small, secluded part of the coastline sits under a cliff. Come here to swim, relax, dine near the shore and take part in watersports.

Getting to Balinghai Beach involves a walk down numerous steps. It is a private beach belonging to the Balinghai Beach Resort, but you don’t have to be staying overnight at the resort to enjoy this delightful stretch of white sand. A limited number of non-resort guests are allowed access each day and tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. To guarantee that you will be able to go down onto the beach, make a reservation beforehand. For details, contact the resort through its official website.

Once you have made your way onto the sand, find a welcoming spot to relax and sunbathe. Beach towel rental is included in the ticket price. If you are feeling active, go for a swim in the blue-green waters. Rent a kayak to paddle along the coastline. Try navigating across the water on a stand-up paddleboard.

Peer under the surface of the sea to watch the colorful local marine life. Rent a snorkel and mask from the resort. When you are back on the shore, go for a stroll and investigate the beach’s rock formations.

End your day with drinks and a meal at the bar lounge area on the beach. Your food will be delivered to you from the main restaurant via a pulley basket that travels down the cliff. Alternatively, eat in the cliff-top restaurant while looking out to sea. Enjoy the magnificent views during sunset.

To get to Balinghai Beach and the resort from elsewhere on Boracay, take a motorized tricycle taxi. Enjoy a day of true relaxation at this beautiful site.