Puka Beach

Stroll along this stretch of beach to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and comb the sand for famous Puka shells that are used to make jewelry.

Puka Beach is a quiet retreat with a dense tropical forest bordering its white sand and pristine water. The stretch of sand runs for about 2,620 feet (800 meters), making it one of the longest on the island. Examine the tiny Puka shells, which give the beach its name.

Enter via the wooden portal welcoming you to the beach. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance, which offers a stark contrast to busy White Beach. The sand is a little rougher here, resulting in fewer crowds and vendors. Listen to the sound of the gentle waves as you relax on the sand and work on your tan. Stay for sunset and watch the sky darken above this secluded beach.

In keeping with the peaceful and removed setting, the beach has relatively few restaurants and no resorts. Bring enough snacks and drinks for a hot afternoon on this sandy stretch. Try the garlic prawns and crabs at the seafood restaurant at the back of the beach.

Spot the island of Carabao on the horizon. Sunbathe on the sand and cool down in the refreshing, clear water. Beware of the current that can take you away from the shore.

The beach has long been an interesting spot for locals, who gather here to collect the iconic Puka shells, from which the area takes its name. Note that it is illegal for visitors to take home shells they’ve gathered from the beach.

Many shops throughout the island sell jewelry made from Puka shells, which are known internationally for their durability. Bring home Puka shell necklaces and bracelets as souvenirs and gifts.

Puka Beach is in the Yapak district and stands on the northern point of Boracay Island. It is on the northern end of the main highway that runs through the center of the island. Visit nearby areas, such as Ilig-Iligan Beach, Banyugan Beach and Punta Bunga Beach.