Oslob Beach

Visit this striking beach on Cebu Island’s southeast coast for the chance to swim with the world’s largest fish and catch a boat to an exotic sandbar island.

Get ready to enjoy extraordinary snorkeling and diving adventures at Oslob Beach. Swim alongside grandiose whale sharks, gaze in awe at spectacular sunrises and explore an unblemished sandbar island. Oslob Beach stretches along the southeast coast of Cebu Island. It incorporates an area of beach called Tana-wan Beach.

The beach itself has a thin strip of soft sand and warm, inviting water. Large boulders and swaying palm trees enhance its postcard-perfect image. Go for an invigorating swim and spot colorful fish and coral reef. The transparent water makes it possible to admire the underwater scenery with the naked eye. Wake up early and come to watch as the pretty sunrise signals the dawn of a new day.

A major highlight of the beach is the opportunity to see and swim with whale sharks. Paddle out in an outrigger canoe and marvel as these majestic fish come within touching distance. For the ultimate thrill, put on snorkeling gear and then jump in and swim next to them. A local fishermen’s association protects the whale sharks and you’ll need to attend a briefing meeting before embarking on an excursion.

Take a 20-minute boat ride to Sumilon Island. Bring food and enjoy a picnic on the fine, white sand, swim in the crystalline water and spot more exotic fish. Discover the island’s lush vegetation while strolling along natural trails. Visit a lighthouse and an ancient watchtower.

Walk or rent a motorcycle taxi to visit Tumalog Falls. This eye-catching waterfall flows over moss-covered rocks surrounded by a tropical forest. Stand behind the waterfall’s curtain and swim in its shallow, natural pool.

Oslob Beach is a 10-minute drive from Oslob’s town center and about a 3-hour drive from Cebu City. Arrange whale shark diving tours and trips to Sumilon Island with the tour operators located at the beach. Stay overnight at the beachfront resorts or at the luxury resort on Sumilon Island.