Yongsan Electronics Market

Discover a vast range of gadgets, check out some of the latest technology or haggle for a bargain in this trading hub for all things wired.

The Yongsan Electronics Market consists of approximately 5,000 stores spread over 20 buildings, selling every electronic item and accessory imaginable, and more. Located just southeast of the city center of Seoul, this enormous market is worth a visit if you want to keep up with the latest technologies.

Start your exploring in I’Park Mall. More conventional than most of the market, it has many of the facilities associated with a normal mall. It also houses the large E-Mart for a quick one-stop electrical shop. Pop into the food court to sample some tasty Korean food or even catch a movie.

Take the third floor connection from I’Park Mall to connect to Yongsan Terminal Mall. Here you find stores specializing in computers and computer-related products. This mall then leads on farther to more specialty areas of the market complex.

Browse through the different sections to find new, used and retro items. As well as the obvious computers, phones and cameras, you can find computer games and stereos. They even still sell CDs and DVDs. Local Korean brands are of course well represented but international brands are very easy to find as well. Accessories and spare parts are plentiful and real tech geeks can find everything necessary to build their own computer.

Do your research before you go and pick up the latest release or find something unique. Many stores have prices listed but a lot don’t. These stores can be a great opportunity to grab a bargain after a bit of haggling; don’t forget to take your time and have fun with it.

To get to the Yongsan Electronics Market, jump on Line 1 of Seoul’s convenient subway and head to Yongsan Station. Find exit 3 to enter the first mall of the complex. Being a public mall, entry is free.

Housing a huge range of outlets, trading hours vary. Most retailers keep open from mid morning until the early evening, 7 days of the week. Some stores are closed on the first and third Sundays or first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month. It is recommended to check opening times before visiting if you wish to visit a particular store or section.