See temples, forts and a giant statue of a goddess in this mystical ghost city with rising peaks and panoramic sea views. 

Mossy green mountains overhang one of Taiwan’s largest seaports, the city of Keelung. Its picturesque terrain is a constant reminder of the area’s closeness to nature. Experience one of Taiwan’s oldest cultural customs, the feeding of hungry spirits, at Keelung’s Ghost Festival.

Appreciate the sights and sounds of Keelung at the Miaokou Night Market, east of the port. Taste local specialties of baked crabs and beef noodle soup. In the market’s center stands the Dianji Temple, Keelung’s iconic spiritual structure. Inspect fascinating carvings that depict marine life, featuring crabs and mollusks.

Climb the Dashawan Mountain to reach Zhongzheng Park’s shrines, temples and scenic terrain. Let the kids ride bumper cars. Admire bizarre sculptures crafted into the mountain. Learn about the Ghost Festival at the park’s museum.

Gaze at the impressive Statue of Guanyin, one of Southeast Asia’s tallest depictions of the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Climb the steps inside and look out through her eyes for a panoramic port view.

A little west of the city center stands Shihciouling Fort, the city’s highest fortress, a historic remnant of the Qing dynasty. See the tunnel built into the mountain to accommodate China’s first railway in the 19th century.

Make your way to the Golden Arches to see a replica of the Statue of Liberty, a satirical representation of American culture taking hold of Taiwan.

The city experiences high rainfall year-round and is known as the Rain Port. Winters are mild and summers are hot and drier. The official language in Keelung is Mandarin.

Fly to Taipei Songshan Airport in the north of Taiwan. Take a bus or train to Keelung from Taipei, 14.5 miles (23.4 kilometers) to the west. You can also arrive at the main port on a ferry from nearby islands. Once in the city, the historic center is small enough to navigate on foot.

The mist settling over Keelung between the creeping mountains gives a mystical feeling to this spiritual home of temples and shrines.

Explore the best attractions in Keelung

Point of Interest

Marvel at the intricate details in this impressive sculpture in Keelung’s picturesque park depicting the Buddhist goddess of mercy.
Point of Interest

Admire the magnificent stone carvings in Keelung’s largest temple, which lies in the heart of a lively night market in the city center.
Point of Interest

Enjoy a panoramic view of Keelung and the sea from the historic fort that looms over the city’s main port.
Point of Interest

Peruse the shrines, temples and statues on a mossy mountain. Enjoy fun activities for the kids and a magnificent view of the harbor.