Dianji Temple

Admire the magnificent stone carvings in Keelung’s largest temple, which lies in the heart of a lively night market in the city center.

Dianji Temple has been among the city’s most iconic religious sites since 1875 and is famous for its stone statues of marine life. Visit the temple with its shrine for a deity known as the Sage King of Changchou. It is considered one of the main draws in the Miaokou Food Market due to its historic importance and impressive façade.

Capture photos of the temple’s ornate entrance standing out from the center of the market. Admire its golden symbols, red lanterns and colorful depictions of warriors and serpents. A charming array of plants decorates the exterior of the temple.

Peruse the intriguing sculptures dotted around the shrine. The theme of the carvings corresponds with the livelihood of the people of Keelung’s ancestors, since the city is near the East China Sea off the north coast of Taiwan. Carvings depict crabs, shells and other marine life. Attend the lively ceremony that takes place on February 15 every year to celebrate the Sage King of Changchou.

Take a leisurely stroll through the Miaokou Night Market to absorb the sights and sounds of Keelung. There are more than 200 food stands along the (1,300-foot) 400-meter stretch. Try traditional soups, pastries and seafood to get an insight into local cuisine. Browse the clothes and handicrafts for sale.

During the Qing dynasty toward the end of the 19th century, local residents made generous donations to secure the construction of the spiritual structure. It was built gradually over the years until final completion in 1923. It was reconstructed several times after being damaged in World War II.

It is free to enter the market, which stays open late in the evening. Exact opening times vary for individual stalls.

The Dianji Temple is next to Keelung Harbor, right in the heart of the city. It is easy to reach it by public transportation, as the large Keelung Station is just a short walk from the temple. There are also many nearby bus stops.