Shihciouling Fort

Enjoy a panoramic view of Keelung and the sea from the historic fort that looms over the city’s main port.

Shihciouling is the highest of the many forts dotted around the city of Keelung, originally built to defend the harbor. Constructed from mountain rocks, the sturdy structure is a well-preserved remnant of the Qing dynasty. It stands at the top of a large hill, giving it an ideal vantage point from which to fend off enemy forces.

Capture photos of the excellent view of the municipality from the fort. You can easily see the sea, the harbor and the sprawling city beneath you. Admire the vista of green mountains that surround the city. Take a look around the stone fort and imagine the former soldiers who defended it in the late 1800s. Climb the small steps to the top of the structure and admire the variety of colors in the surrounding vegetation.

The building is the last remaining fort from the Qing dynasty. Learn about the fall of the empire as you watch the dying embers of sunlight descend below the horizon. In the evening, the city lights dazzle in the area around the harbor.

The fort was constructed in 1884 to defend Taiwan from a French coastal invasion. It has been restored to its original excellence. A tunnel was built into the mountain for the first railway in China to pass through.

The site is free to enter and remains open to visitors at all times, although the inside of the railway tunnel is closed off.

Various bus routes take passengers to the base of the Shihciouling Fort mountain, which lies south of the Keelung Harbor. Take a 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) taxi journey from the seaport to the fortress, which should take about 10 minutes. Once there, the ascent to the fort should take about 20 minutes on foot. Make sure to ask locals or guides for exact directions, because it is easy to get lost.