Jianguo Flower and Jade Market

Explore Taipei’s bustling markets, smell a vast array of colorful flowers, discover what is in bloom and find jade jewelry or an auspicious charm.

Experience the scents and sights of the Jianguo Flower Market, one of the most colorful markets in Taipei. The huge collection of flower blossoms, plants, seeds and gardening tools draws local residents every weekend to satisfy their gardening needs. Select a few pretty flowers to brighten your accommodations or purchase jade ornaments, antiques and jewelry at the adjacent Jade Market. Stretching over 300 meters (328 yards) in length, these are some of the biggest markets in Taiwan and are a great place to pick up a gift or souvenir.

Jianguo Flower Market is a garden lover’s paradise. More than 200 stalls offer a spectacular range of plants and flowers for sale, from cactus to bamboo, bonsai, succulents, tropical plants, garden sculptures, gardening equipment and herbs. Be sure to explore the stunning range of white, pink and lavender orchids. Chinese New Year is a particularly good time to visit, when auspicious plants and flowers celebrate the beginning of the new year. More suitcase-friendly items include tea, dried fruits and nuts.

The Jade Market is one of the biggest in Asia, with more than 300 stalls selling a huge range of jade products in an assortment of colors and sizes. Pick up a bargain, and find bracelets and necklaces, a jade Buddha, mobile charms, carved coral pendants, antiques, an auspicious ruyi (scepter) or a jade talisman. In the Artist Market next door are ceramic teapots, teas, crafts and jewelry.

Arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds. Allow two to three hours to fully appreciate the sights and smells of the market. Remember to haggle a bit when the initial price is quoted. Walk to the nearby Da’an Forest Park, a natural attraction and a great place to relax after a visit to the markets.

Open only on the weekends, the Jianguo Flower Market and Jade Market are located under the overpass of section 3, Xinyi Road and Jianguo S. Road. To get there, take the MRT train to Da’an station.