Maokong Gondola

Escape the city and soar through the sky in a glass-bottomed gondola to the tea plantations, temples and lofty peaks surrounding Taipei.

Enjoy a thrilling ride on the Maokong Gondola as you glide over Taipei and high into the mountain forests of Maokong Mountain. The gondola reaches a height of nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters). Stop to visit the Taipei Zoo and Zhinan Temple, then ride through the mountains and visit nearby temples and tea plantations.

Take a single ride in the gondola to simply enjoy the views of Taipei. Or, use the gondola to spend a full day visiting some of Taipei’s premier attractions. Begin at Taipei Zoo Station to see pandas, koalas and over 130 bird species. Stop to enjoy the “Dancing Waters” show of lighted fountains, then walk down the Leisure Corridor and relax at the pavilion. Hop off again at Zhinan Temple Station and visit one of the most revered temples on the island. Zhinan is dedicated to a much-loved Taoist master and incorporates Buddhist, Taoist and Confucianist elements. Make sure you explore the Dream Interpretation Room for a fascinating insight into your dreams.

Alight at Maokong Station to visit the Tianen and San Xuan temples and various attractions related to tea. Do a tea-tasting and admire handmade teapots at the Chang Nai-miao Memorial Tea Museum. At the Tea Promotion Center, learn about the different types of tea and how it is preserved, brewed and distributed. See tea being grown and picked at plantations in the Zhanghu and Watsuo areas.

Pick up a hiking map from Maokong Station and journey higher into the mountains. Follow well-marked trails to the top of Erge Mountain and climb through the wooded forests of Monkey Mountain. If you are visiting in January, expect to walk though blossoms of red, white and pink apricot flowers.

Maokong Gondola operates every day except Mondays. Arrive early in the day to avoid lines and beat the midday sun if you are hiking. If you’re intimidated by heights, stand in line for one of the gondolas with enclosed flooring. Maokong Gondola is easily accessible by MRT train, bus or car.