Taipei Fine Arts Museum

See some of the island's most daring modern and contemporary artwork, listen to debates about art and discover the research that is influencing artists today.

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum has an innovative collection of modern and contemporary Taiwanese artworks. It showcases local, national and internationally renowned artists such as Ai Weiwei and Andy Warhol, who have exhibited at the site.

The modern cube-shaped building is constructed from glass, marble and concrete, and has suspended corridors that form the Chinese character for “fountain.” This architectural structure is emblematic of the museum’s philosophy to live as a continual source of culture. Each level in the museum is different, with various-sized symmetrical and suspended rooms that have views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Begin your visit in the 19th century, with local and international artists. See works representing Taiwan’s art history and its development into the 21st century. View photographic works, contemporary painting, sound art, sculpture and multimedia works.

See traditional Taiwanese art beside experimental artworks such as cutting-edge contemporary video and installations. Discover national and international avant-garde artists such as Bill Viola.

The museum is a hub for public forums. Listen to a discussion about a current exhibition or an international lecture about philosophy, science or the latest groundbreaking arts research. Join an Art Talk forum about artists and art movements that are displayed in the exhibitions. Participate in a Study Art Tour to gain an in-depth understanding of the current exhibitions, or learn the techniques of the featured artist in an art workshop.

Allow at least two hours to see everything in the museum. If you love the arts, allocate half a day and take a scheduled tour or an expert-guided tour. Consider combining your visit with a tour of the National Palace Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, as the three collections nicely complement each other in representing Taiwan’s culture and history.

Located in Taipei Expo Park, the museum is open daily, Tuesday through Sunday, and tickets are priced per adult, concession or group. To get there, catch the bus to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum stop or the MRT to Yuan Shan Station. Parking is free for museum visitors.