Yangmingshan National Park

Close to Taipei is a stunning and geologically diverse national park with hiking trails, ornamental silver grass, sub-tropical rainforest and volcanic landscapes.

Yangmingshan National Park, a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, offers a varied natural landscape about 45 minutes’ drive from Taipei City. Follow a hiking and bike trail winding past unique flora and fauna into grassy fields and through volcanic landscapes that offer panoramic views.

The park is 125 hectares (309 acres) in size and has a maximum elevation of 1,120 meters (3,675 feet) above sea level. Five prominent mountains make up the center of the park: Mt. Datun, Mt. Miantian, Mt. Qixing, Mt. Xiangtian and Mt. Xiaoguanyin. More than 1,224 species of plants are divided into four vegetation zones: arrow bamboo forests, broad-leaved forests, grassy plains and afforestation zones.

Enjoy a picnic in the open air or a nature walk. Spend several hours to a full day hiking through sub-tropical rain forests; evergreen, broad-leaved forests; and across silver-grassed plains.

Enjoy an eco tour through peacock pine forests and alpine plants or take a nature walk across Mt. Miantian. Hike up Mt. Qixing and discover a volcano with geysers, hot springs and billowing steam rising from fumaroles. Join a Jinbaoli history tour and learn how commodities such as tea, fish and sulfur were transported across the mountains. Visit the hot springs of Longfenggu and unwind in the naturally hot waters.

For an active hike, take the bus to Xiao You Keng and trek over Qi Xing Shan, the highest mountain in Taiwan. Walk past a reflecting pond at Menghuan Hu and soak your feet in the hot springs of Leng Shui Keng before getting the bus back to the city. A popular biking route goes along the Yangtou Highway, providing views of Mt. Qixing, Taipei City, the Xue Mountain Range and Mt. Shamao.

Allow at least three hours to enjoy the park, or longer if you plan to do any of the hiking trails. Consider staying overnight in one of the hotels or resorts. To get to Yangmingshan National Park, take the 45-minute bus ride from Taipei City.