Disneyland® Tokyo

Ride roller coasters and watch theatrical shows as you witness the magic of Disney come to life at this family-friendly amusement park and resort.

At the captivating Tokyo Disneyland® theme resort, the movies of Walt Disney spring to life with a host of family-friendly attractions. Enjoy roller coasters and fairground rides, watch music and dance performances and meet world-famous Disney characters. You can even spend the night at a themed hotel. The resort opened in 1983 and was the first Disney Park outside of the U.S.

Start your visit at Tokyo Disneyland® Park, also known as The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic. Immerse yourself in the world of Disney’s adored characters in the seven themed areas. Visit Mickey Mouse and his friends in Toontown or relive classic fairytales in Fantasyland. Ride a tall log flume in Critter Country or explore futuristic technology in Tomorrowland. Cruise on a Mississippi riverboat or ride a runaway mine train in Westernland. Visit the Cinderella Castle to discover the story of the much-loved fairytale princess.

Don’t miss the World Bazaar, where you’ll find recreations of 20th-century American shops and restaurants. It’s a good place to have lunch or purchase snacks and souvenirs. Check the park’s schedule for live shows and parades. A highlight is the Nighttime Parade, featuring illuminated floats and dancing Disney characters.

Discover the legends of the sea celebrated in Disney movies at Tokyo DisneySea® Park. Take a ride on Sinbad’s boat or follow the adventures of Indiana Jones. Glide along a canal on a Venetian gondola or journey to the center of the earth with Captain Nemo. Watch firework displays accompanied by Disney songs.

Tokyo Disneyland® is about a 30-minute drive from downtown Tokyo. It is easily accessible via public trains and buses. There are direct bus and train connections from Narita International Airport. Paid parking is available for up to 20,000 vehicles. A paid monorail links the various attractions and several hotels, which include three Disney-themed hotels.

Tokyo Disneyland® is open daily. Allow a full day to visit each of Tokyo Disneyland® Park and Tokyo DisneySea® Park. Check the resort’s official website for details of admission fees, including information on multiday passes. Purchase tickets online to avoid standing in line at the park’s ticket booths. Cut costs by bringing your own food to enjoy at designated picnic areas.