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Stillwater, OK

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The Waving Song. Bullet and the Spirit Rider. Then there's the actual football game.

A hum of country fervor spins through Stillwater, Okla. The birthplace of red dirt music, a regional fusion of folk, jazz, blues and rock, the city and its tunes are simultaneously refined and homespun, as only the Midwest can be. Walk through the halls of Oklahoma State University and absorb the passion of college football that fills the area with excitement every home game weekend. If you're planning a trip to Stillwater, catch the action and make time to visit the rest of the area's historical attractions.

Where to stay

In this football-crazed town, it might be tricky to find an available hotel room. Our recommendation is to book accommodations at the Fairfield Inn & Suites or the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites. They're both close to the stadium, have reasonable rates and come without the fuss of trying to navigate game day traffic more than need be.

Where to eat/drink

Where to eat/drink

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It would be a shame to leave Stillwater without fitting in a meal at The Hideaway, Oklahoma's oldest pizzeria and a local institution. Eskimo Joe's has been a Stillwater standby for more than 20 years, hosting live music of up-and-coming bands. Fun food, live entertainment, and yes, collectible T-shirts, this place has it all and more. The ribs at Bad Brad's BBQ will leave you asking for seconds, we swear. And if you head to downtown, Zannotti's Wine Bar has a charming Tuscan vibe completely incongruent with what you'd expect in this town. But we like to keep you on your toes.

Game day tips

We're always looking to help you find the most stress-free way to enjoy a game, especially if you're in a new place. Game day is as crazy in Stillwater as you would imagine. If you're driving into town, consider taking OK-33 east to 177 North to avoid some of the traffic and ease into tailgating time. Up for options? Why not grab a free parking spot in downtown Stillwater and then catch the shuttle at 7th Street and Lewis, where it will show up every 15 minutes before game start and every 30 minutes after.

What to do

Downtown Stillwater along Main Street is an easy amble from one end to the other, where you can poke into shops, browse local art and boutiques, and practice the slow, easy vibe of the town. People-watching may be half the fun of visiting a new place but beyond the central corridor of town, you can find incredible opportunities to learn more about the state's history. At the Washington Irving Trail Museum, view Western memorabilia and artifacts and learn about Oklahoma pioneer life in an institution named after the acclaimed author of "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Sharar Museum tells the story of Stillwater and will introduce its new permanent exhibits at the end of the year. For the kids in your group, schedule a visit to the WONDERtorium, where learning and fun at the state's newest children's museum involves replicating farm life by "milking" a life-size cow and shopping at a 1900s grocery store.

Get in the game

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