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San Diego Zoo 1-Day Pass
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There's no time for "lion" about at the San Diego Zoo! With 100 acres to explore and more than 4,000 rare and endangered animals to visit, there's always something "gnu" going on.
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From $36.00 each  Children (3 to 11) *
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Journey around the world in just 1 day. From the driest desert habitats to the humid tropical rainforests, you'll be able to get up close and personal with animals from Africa to Asia and North America to South America.

Exhibits and activities

Africa Rocks: Visit a boulder with a view of the rocky world of Africa's kopje and savanna animals, from rock-hopping klipspringers to meerkat colonies to rooting warthogs. It also features cats big and small and the Hunte Amphitheater's 2 amazing free-flight bird shows.

Asian Passage: Spreading branches of palms and ficus trees mix with towering bamboo and fragrant ginger to create a paradise for treasured species like Bornean sun bears, lion-tailed macaques, binturongs, silver-leaf langurs, fruit doves, rhinoceros hornbills, and porcupines.

Discovery Outpost: Experience up-close, hands-on animal viewing for kids of all ages, featuring the Children's Zoo, Insect House, Reptile House, and Sea Lion Show. Enter an interactive world of discovery!

Northern Frontier: Take an expedition to the top of the world to see the rulers of the tundra: the mighty polar bears. Along the way, say hello to their northern neighbors, the reindeer and Arctic diving ducks.

Outback: Be “Waltzing Matilda” on this trek Down Under to see wallabies, wombats, tree kangaroos, and the largest colony of koalas outside of Australia.

Panda Canyon: They are black and white and loved all over! Meet the giant pandas, visit the discovery center, and learn about protecting pandas through the zoo’s research studies.

Urban Jungle: Come to a place where the urban world of humans meets the wild world of animals—are the animals living in our backyards or are we living in theirs? Around the world, humans and animals cross paths. Have your own encounters in this interactive zone!


Camp Critters: Wegeforth Bowl has been transformed into an imaginary summer camp. Birds, sea lions, four-legged critters, domestic animals, top predators, and humans gather here for songs and surprises. Meet a new critter and be part of the fun at the Camp Critters show! (Discovery Outpost)

Doctor Zoolittle Children's Show: Join our physician of fun, Doctor Zoolittle, for magical, unbelievable, interactive fun. Nature has its tricks! Saturdays and Sundays at 11 AM, noon, 1 PM, and 2 PM in Clark Theater (Discovery Outpost)

Inclusions :
  • Admission to San Diego Zoo
  • Guided bus tour of the zoo
  • Skyfari Aerial Tram ride
  • Unlimited use of the Express Bus
  • Access to the Children's Zoo
  • All exhibits and shows


Redemption instructions

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1. Print your voucher; locate the voucher in your travel confirmation email or in the My Trips/My Itineraries link on the site.
2. Follow the redemption instructions on your voucher; it is critical to do this before you depart.
3. Take all vouchers with you; you must redeem 1 voucher per person.

How to Redeem Your Voucher:
Please exchange this voucher at any San Diego Zoo ticket window for a 1-Day Pass which includes: entrance to the San Diego Zoo, Guided Bus Tour, Express Bus, Skyfari Aerial Tram, the Children's Zoo, and all exhibits and shows. Excludes Special Ticketed Events/Attractions.

Hours of Operation:
Through the end of 2013:
October 7–December 12, 24: 9 AM–5 PM
December 13–23, 25–31: 9 AM–8 PM
Terms and conditions

Cancellations and Changes: This Activity can be changed or cancelled without penalty at any time prior to 48 hours before the date of the Activity.