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TELE2 Global Calling Card
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Make international or domestic calls the easy way—with a £15 "virtual" calling card. Book online, receive your PIN via e-mail and simply follow the instructions to be connected in an instant from just 12p per minute.
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Whether you want to phone home, or make local calls while in your destination, the Global Calling Card helps you keep in contact from just 12p per minute within Europe. There are no connection charges, you'll face no charges if the line is engaged or if no-one picks up, and all calls are charged per minute. It's easy to use, economical, and can be topped up from any phone.

See a printable guide to calling charges and access codes

Inclusions :
  • £15 global calling card

Calls from a payphone are subject to a 30p per minute surcharge Denmark. Calls from a mobile phone are subject to a 30p per minute surcharge in Sweden. Access call charges apply to calls made from mobile phones in Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Poland and Turkey. Calls to most mobile phones are subject to a 25p surcharge per minute. Some public phones in Hungary, Norway, Poland and Sweden may require local coins or phone cards (usually refunded) for a dial tone. This service is not available for calls made from mobile phones in Lithuania. Some hotels may charge for dialling a freephone number or may bar the dialling of freephone numbers. When abroad, calling a freephone number from a mobile phone may incur roaming charges; please contact your network provider for more information. The calling card expires 12 months after first use or last recharge. You can pay for card top-ups with VISA and Mastercard. The minimum recharge is £10. Call charges are subject to change.
Redemption instructions

After you book online you will be asked to print your voucher(s). Please keep your voucher(s) handy as a reference for access numbers. You do not need to exchange your voucher(s) at any time.

Important: Within 72 hours of booking online, you will receive your PIN via e-mail; this is required for making calls. You may also retrieve your PIN yourself. Copy and paste the URL that appears on your voucher into your browser. Type in your email as given to this site together with your voucher number.

How to make calls using your PIN:
1. Dial the access number of the country you arein:
  • Cyprus (Greek sector only): 800 92 615 or 800 95 159
  • Czech Republic: 800 505 553 or 822 505 555 or 800 505 153
  • Denmark: 8090 0490 or 8088 3484
  • Finland: 0800 113 258 or 0800 913 183
  • Hungary: 06 800 185 98 or 06 800 159 17
  • Iceland: 800 8636 or 800 8668
  • Latvia: 800 0262
  • Lithuania: 8800 300 90
  • Norway: 800 653 88 or 800 653 80 or 800 119 37
  • Poland: 0800 880 078 or 00800 1114 431
  • Slovak Republic: 0800 003 211
  • Sweden: 0200 217 302
  • Turkey: 00800 4463 2085 or 00800 142 030 624 or 00800 329 0012
    2. Enter your card number (PIN)
    3. Select the language of your choice
    4. Press 1 + 00 + country code + city or mobile code (omitting the first zero) + telephone number. To make a follow-on call, do not hang up. Simply press ## and dial the next number.

  • Terms and conditions

    Cancellations and Changes: This Activity can be changed or cancelled without penalty at any time prior to two days before the scheduled start of your trip. The scheduled start of your trip is defined as your hotel check-in date, your departure date of the originating flight, or the date of the Activity if the Activity was booked without a flight or a hotel.