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Typical Andalusian Flamenco Show
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Grab your castanets! With the Zambra you’ll experience a flamenco dance as traditionally performed by the Roma people (gypsies). Generally happy, enchanting, and full of abundant grace, this flamenco is part of Granada’s soul.
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From $95.83 each  Travelers
From $45.39 each  Adults (12 & older) *
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From $5.04 each  Children (4 & younger) *
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This night represents a unique insight into the world of genuine flamenco dance. Overlooking the setting of the Zambra is the majesticand atmospheric palace and fortress of the Alhambra, which is itself dominated by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains behind. The performance showcases the rich tradition of gypsy folklore, with all its passion and colour. During the performance a typical Andalusian dinner* is available.

Inclusions :
  • Admission to the show Venta El Gallo
  • Dinner (with dinner option only)
  • Soft drink (with soft drink option only)
  • Guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off

3 hours


Departure time and location:
Approx. 8 PM; from your hotel

Return time and location:
Approx. midnight; to your hotel

Reservation confirmation is required. You must contact Granavision prior to your arrival to schedule hotel pick-up service. Dinner is included only with the show plus dinner option; a soft drink is included only with the show plus beverage option. This tour is available in English and Spanish.
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