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A Hedonist's guide to Istanbul
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Yours to keep—the definitive Istanbul city guide. Scribble in the margins, add your own recommendations and notes, and relive your travel memories long after your trip has finished.
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Beautifully photographed and broken down into easy-to-navigate sections, this sleek black book is your perfect travel companion. Comprehensive reviews of the most stylish places allow you to experience Istanbul's vibrant present whilst unlocking it's captivating past. From boutique hotels to the palaces of Sultanhamet, A Hedonist's guide to Istanbul lifts the veil on the city's hidden gems.

From small to large, modest to uber-flash—more than 40 hotels are ranked according to style, atmosphere, and location. Also includes an indication of price.

From the adorably quaint to the impeccably chic, 40 of Istanbul's most interesting restaurants are reviewed. Each listing has an indication of price and is ranked according to food, service, and atmosphere.

Drink and snack:
Whether you have a taste for designer cocktails or you're in the mood for a local bar, there's always a place to quench your thirst. Also lists perfect places to take a break between shopping and sightseeing.

Nightclubs, jazz clubs, local music, and casinos... if it's worth visiting, it's listed.

Listing Istanbul's most significant and historic attractions, as well as opera, theatre, ballet, and concerts.

Shop and play:
From unique boutiques to bustling markets, get the best of Istanbul's shopping.

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