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Ocean World Adventure Marine Park
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Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata)
Created by a group of marine animal experts, this marine park is situated along the North Shore of Hispaniola, offering breathtaking views of the sea. Ocean World is home to bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, tropical fish, sharks, exotic birds, sea lions, and tigers.
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In the Coral Reef, snorkelers swim in a colorful reef teeming with hundreds of exotic fishes. The snorkeling here is safe and available every day of the year. Feed, touch, and mingle with the numerous tropical birds in the free-flight aviary. Aquariums feature exotic and unusual freshwater fish. Ocean World even has its own rainforest! This tropical oasis—with waterfalls, turquoise waters, and rocky lagoons—is home to a variety of animals.

Ocean World also offers numerous close encounters to further educate visitors:

Dolphin encounter
Stand comfortably on a platform, approximately three feet below the water, and experience the magic of the dolphin world. Share kisses, hugs, and "dances" with the dolphins—even get the chance to touch their smooth, rubbery skin and feed these new friends fishy treats—while animal trainers supervise. (Pregnant women and young children are welcome to participate in this encounter.)

Dolphin swim
For many, the highlight of a visit to Ocean World is the rare opportunity to swim and play with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin. After a brief orientation and introduction to the dolphins, discover how trainers use hand signals, along with positive reinforcement, to communicate with them. Take the relationship one step further and actually swim and play with the dolphins! (Note: In order to vary the program for the animals, the trainers use a different combination of behaviors each session.) (Pregnant women and young children arenot allowed to participate in this encounter.)

Sea lion encounter
It's impossible not to smile while touching, feeding, and playing with Ocean World’s sea lions! Sit poolside and watch a troupe of friendly, funny Patagonian sea lions teach their trainers a trick or two. These natural acrobats glide, dive, and leap through the air to entertain … and sometimes give their audiences an unexpected shower. See this fascinating display up close in one of the interactive pools. (Pregnant women and young children arenot allowed to participate in this encounter.)

Shark and stingray encounter
Begin with a visit to a warm, sandy pool, where a dozen or more friendly stingrays sweep across the bottom. Don a mask and snorkel, glide across the surface of the pool, and touch the backs of these beautiful, gentle sea creatures. Then, under the careful supervision of trained staff members, touch, feed, and ultimately swim with a small school of adult nurse sharks, housed in a 200,000-gallon (760,000-liter) pool. These magnificent and misunderstood creatures—some measuring as long as seven feet—have fearsome teeth but a relaxed attitude towards human visitors, often swimming right up to guests standing on steps in the water. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime—a rare opportunity to interact with nature. (Pregnant women and young children arenot allowed to participate in this encounter.)

Inclusions :
  • 1-day pass to Ocean World Adventure Marine Park
  • Snorkeling in the Tropical Reef Aquarium
  • Swimming in the Tiger Grotto
  • Admission to the Sea Lion Show
  • Admission to the Dolphin Demonstration
  • Admission to the Bird Show and the Rainforest Bird Exhibit
  • All snorkel equipment
  • Use of lounge chairs during observation programs

Admission: 1-day
Animal interactive encounters: 30 minutes


Hours of operation:
9 AM–6 PM

Participant restrictions:
The Dolphin Encounter is suitable for all ages. However, pregnant women and children age 4 and younger are not allowed to participate in the Dolphin Swim, the Sea Lion Encounter, the Shark and Stingray Encounter, or in the Tropical Reef Aquarium snorkel.

Reservation confirmation is required. Transfers are available from select hotels for a nominal fee. You may request a transfer from Ocean World when making your reservation. Not all hotels are on the transfer route; if your hotel is not, you may meet the shuttle at the closest location or use your own means of transportation to get to the park. Food and beverages are not included in the admission price. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult during the animal interaction programs.
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