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Tarawera Legacy
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Discover the legacy of the Tuhourangi people. Experience their daily lives and culture at their geothermal village home, and learn about the life-changing volcanic eruption that destroyed their ancestral village.
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After the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera destroyed the village of the Tuhourangi people, they relocated to Whakarewarewa, where the mud and water boil and the surrounding landscape is full of continuously erupting geysers. Wander the village to understand how these people harness the power of geothermal energy, using it for everything from bathing to cooking. Be welcomed by these native people whose culture is as warm and inviting as the hot springs that they have become the guardians of. Sample a meal prepared in the boiling waters, and look on as they share with you their daily life and traditions with cultural performances, guided village tours, carving displays, musical instruments, and flax weaving demonstrations.

Journey to the pre-eruption home of these people, the Buried Village of Te Wairoa. Once buried in a deep blanket of ash, the village has been excavated to unearth the old dwellings connected by meandering pathways and set amongst trees and meadows beside Te Wairoa stream. Stroll through the hauntingly peaceful remains of this village and browse the remnants and artifacts recovered from the rubble. Each helps to paint a picture of daily life at the village before, during, and after the destruction of the monumental eruption and portrays the villagers’ stories of both tragedy and survival.

Experience Rotorua Museum to complete the picture of this region, its people, and its volcanic landscape. During a screening of the film, Rotorua Story, plummet 8 miles (13 km) into the belly of the earth to learn the scientific and mythological explanations for Rotorua’s volatile landscape. Travel back in time to the arrival of native peoples, and tour the Pink and White Terraces. Often called the eighth wonder of the natural world, the Pink and White Terraces were a fairytale-like attraction that was obliterated during the eruption of Mount Tarawera.

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Children under 5 participate for free. All sites visited are wheelchair accessible.

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