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Fly Green with TerraPass
Photo 1 / 6: Your TerraPass purchase funds clean energy projects such as the Leaning Juniper wind farm in North America.
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We all contribute to global warming. Now you can do something about it—easily and affordably. Join the more than 150,000 people who use TerraPass to balance out the global-warming impact of their flying, driving, and other energy use.
Reduce your carbon footprint and celebrate Earth Day every day!
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How can I help?
Balance out your "carbon footprint" through TerraPass. By funding clean energy and conservation projects, you can sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created by your plane flight.

When you fund clean energy through TerraPass, you're joining with thousands of others from all walks of life to make a real impact—900 million pounds of greenhouse gases and counting. Best of all, it's surprisingly easy and affordable to balance out your own impact.

Air travel is a major source of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. A single cross-country plane flight burns about 100 gallons of fuel per passenger. That's as much as most people use in 4 months of driving.

Concerned citizens have been taking the lead on this pressing environmental issue by taking responsibility for their own greenhouse gas emissions. By joining with thousands of others, they're making real, tangible progress in the fight against global warming.

Standards and verification
All TerraPass greenhouse gas reductions must be real, permanent, and verified. To ensure quality, the projects TerraPass funds are validated in accordance with protocols such as the Voluntary Carbon Standard, a global standard maintained by an independent board. The TerraPass audit trail includes an annual independent and public verification of its operations, covering everything from contracts with project developers to the marketing claims on its website.

How does it work?
When you fund greenhouse gas reductions through TerraPass, your money funds projects carefully chosen for their environmental benefit. For example:
    Leaning Juniper wind farm—By displacing electricity from dirty fuel sources such as coal, wind farms put us on a path to a clean energy future. Leaning Juniper is the first wind project in the Columbia River Gorge.

    Scenic View Dairy—Dairy farm methane digesters break down harmful agricultural waste products and create clean energy at the same time. Scenic View is the first digester project in Michigan, and the first in the U.S. to generate both clean energy and pipeline-grade biogas. TerraPass is proud to support this trailblazing project.

    Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority—Methane from landfills is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions—and also a big opportunity. This innovative project produces clean energy by capturing that methane and turning it into clean energy. This project won a "Project of the Year" award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What you get:
    TerraPass is available at 3 levels, which you can match to your own level of environmental impact. Choose a TerraPass based on the round-trip distance of your flight. The farther you fly the more fuel you burn.

  • Short-haul flight Up to 2,200 roundtrip miles (3,540 km). This purchase level reduces 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cross-country flight Up to 6,000 roundtrip miles (9,656 km). This purchase level reduces 2,200 pounds (998 kg) of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • International flight Up to 12,000 roundtrip miles (19,312 km). This purchase level reduces 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg) of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Your purchase comes with an optional "Carbon Balanced Flyer" luggage tag for each traveler. The luggage tag is easy to spot and will make your bag stand out from the crowd (and the carousel). You will have an option to claim your luggage tag after your purchase.

About TerraPass
More than 150,000 individuals from all over the country have used TerraPass to fund clean energy and balance out their global warming impact. Collectively, they've reduced more than 1 billion pounds of greenhouse gases. Here's what some of them are saying:
    “Wow! How easy was that! I feel this is a must for all who can afford it.” A customer in Washington, D.C.

    "Since I travel a lot for work, I have been looking for a way to give back. Thanks!" A customer in Eden Prairie, MN

    "I fly frequently to visit my relatives overseas. I love my family, and also love the planet. Hopefully your idea can start some real changes. Good luck!" A customer in Virginia Beach, VA

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This voucher is your proof of booking. You do not need to print this voucher: No redemption is needed! TerraPass will ship any gift associated with your purchase to the billing address on your booking account within 5 business days. TerraPass is non-refundable. Feel free to keep or recycle your voucher.
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