Bellevue Park

Come to this park to admire historic buildings, enjoy views of Brunnsviken Lake and visit the museum of a famous Swedish sculptor.

At Bellevue Park you can enjoy panoramic views of Brunnsviken Lake, spot historic architecture and visit the museum of artist and sculptor, Carl Eldh. Royal landscape architect Fredrik Magnus Piper designed this English-style park at the end of the 18th century. Today it’s part of Stockholm’s Royal National City Park.

Follow the park’s pathways to a hilltop for views of Brunnsviken Lake and good photo opportunities of the surrounding area. In the summer, this is also a popular picnic location. Look for a statue of August Strindberg, who was a Swedish playwright and artist. The pathway passes two historical works of architecture. Go to Paschens Malmgård to see the park’s oldest building. Johan Pasch, a court painter, built this rococo-style house in the 1750s. Nearby is a wooden house known as Sparre’s Timber Palace. It belonged to Swedish politician Carl Sparre and dates to 1782. 

Don’t miss the Carl Eldh Museum. It’s the former home of one of Sweden’s most well-known sculptors. Displayed in the house’s studios are over 1,000 sketches and sculptures. Look for models of The Branting Monument and The Olympic Runners, two of Eldh’s most famous works. 

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The admission fee includes a guided tour in English. From May to October, the museum organizes guided sculpture trails around Stockholm. Visit the museum’s official website for more information on these tours.

The park has plenty of green space for picnicking, playing a game of soccer or simply relaxing in the outdoors. Give the kids a chance to run around after they’ve been on their best behavior in the museum.

Bellevue Park is a 10-minute drive from Stockholm’s city center. Free parking is available at nearby Haga Forum. Alternatively, the public park is a 30-minute walk from Sergels Torg. For a bit of fun, rent a bike and explore the Royal National City Park’s historical cycle route. Find a map on Bellevue Park’s official website.

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