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Brasilia which includes religious elements, a church or cathedral and modern architecture

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Discover powerful ideas while exploring futuristic landscapes, diverse monuments and phenomenal Oscar Niemeyer constructions in Brazil’s dynamic Federal District.

The Federal District and its central urban jewel, Brasília, have long been symbols of hope and human advancement in Brazil. Visit this sleek city whose short history is studded with fascinating characters, architectural feats and a tangible sense of the future.

One of the treats of the Federal District is exploring the novelties of Brasilía. The city is built to a plan with the shape of an airplane. Important government buildings and cultural landmarks are placed on the Monumental Axis along the “body” of the plane, while residential and shopping areas spread out onto the “wings.”

Begin your exploration at the center of Brasília, where important historic monuments illuminate the city’s journey. The Memorial JK pays tribute to Juscelino Kubitschek, the president who oversaw the construction of this new Brazilian capital in the 1950s. Not far away, visit Dom Bosco Sanctuary and see the memorial to the saint who dreamed of the futuristic city which became the basis for Brasília.

See how this dream was put into action by exploring the city’s architectural wonders, most of which were designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Visit the symbolic Three Powers Plaza and enjoy the awe-inspiring Itamaraty Palace near the sparkling towers of National Congress. Other design landmarks not to miss include the Planalto Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral, with its unforgettable circular construction.

Stop for lunch in the large City Park, where open spaces and a charming lake frame playgrounds and amusement parks that will delight the kids. Discover Brasília’s cultural sector to find a quiet space at the National Library or enlightening exhibits at the National Museum and Gallery. Climb the nearby TV Tower for the best view of the city.

Use Brasília’s frequent bus routes through the Rodoviária, the Central Bus Station, or hail a taxi to get to the shores of Lake Paranoá at sunset. Find a Federal District bar or restaurant and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge as you reflect on a city built on dreams.

Where to stay in Brasília

Claudio Santoro National Theater showing modern architecture

Asa Norte

4.5/5(32 area reviews)

Unique features of Asa Norte include the shopping and restaurants. Make a stop by Brasilia Shopping Center or Conjunto National Mall while you're exploring the area.

Asa Norte
Dom Bosco Sanctuary which includes a church or cathedral, interior views and heritage architecture

Asa Sul

4.5/5(25 area reviews)

You might enjoy the shopping while in Asa Sul. Dom Bosco Sanctuary is a notable sight, and you can get around town at 108 South Station or 110 South Station to see more of the city.

Asa Sul