Bremen City Hall

Stand in Bremen’s historic market square and take in marvelous views of the ornate Weser-Renaissance façade that fronts this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overseeing the city since the 1400s, Bremen City Hall is the city’s majestic civic landmark and one of Europe’s most significant examples of brick Gothic architecture. Stroll around the market square and admire Bremen City Hall’s stunning façade and its accompanying Roland statue. Visit the restaurant within the building’s renovated cellar.

Bremen City Hall is comprised of two main structures, the Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall. Gaze in awe at the magnificent façade on the Old Town Hall, which was added to the building in the 17th century. The ornate Weser-Renaissance façade is decorated with reliefs, gables and balustrades. The monumental structure earned UNESCO World Heritage protection in 2004. Walk around the building to its northwestern corner, where you’ll notice an intermingling of the building’s Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and art nouveau ornamentation.

Today, the New Town Hall contains the offices of the president of the senate and the mayor of the city, while the Old Town Hall is used for ceremonial events and exhibitions.

Go on a guided tour of Bremen City Hall and see some of its fascinating historical sights up close. In the Old Town Hall, look for the original Upper Hall and Lower Hall, as well as the magnificent art nouveau Golden Chamber. The room’s opulent decorations and gilded leather wallpaper were added in 1905. The New Town Hall contains a stunning banquet room and the Senate Hall.

Check out the Bremer Ratskeller to enjoy a meal in a restaurant located in the Old Town Hall’s former cellar. This cellar also houses the oldest cask of wine in Germany, which was kegged in 1653.

Bremen City Hall is located in the market square of Bremen’s Old Town. Reach the area easily by public tram. The hall is free to enjoy from the outside; however, guided tours have an admission cost. You may have to book ahead of time to organize a guided tour in English.

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