Calahorra Tower

The pale sandstone fortress from Córdoba’s Moorish occupation contains a fascinating museum documenting the city’s religious history and offers excellent views.

Calahorra Tower, the oldest defense building in the city of Córdoba, is both an impressive monument and an engaging museum. Stroll over the ancient Roman Bridge and explore the Moorish landmark before learning about the multifaceted history of Córdoba and the surrounding area.

Before becoming a museum, the tower served several different purposes. Moors first built the structure in the late 12th century, but it was almost entirely rebuilt in 1369 to strengthen its defensive capabilities. Enter the tower to find rooms that have since been used as a prison in the 1700s and a school for girls during the 19th century.

Bring your camera and frame the tower against the Roman Bridge and the Guadalquivir River. The simple shape, pale color and crenellated roof make it look like a typical beach sandcastle.

Inside the tower, enjoy the Al-Andalus Living Museum. The attraction seeks to recreate life in Andalucía between the 9th and 13th centuries. Marvel at the creative and artistic achievements of the city’s residents during this era. The museum also contains a scale model of the Córdoba Mosque-Cathedral as it looked when it was first built.

One of the focuses of the museum is the religious harmony enjoyed in Córdoba during this period. Watch multimedia presentations that depict Christians, Muslims and Jews living side by side during the city’s golden age. See how the residents of Córdoba were pioneers in science and engineering, making Andalucía one of the most important centers of innovation in medieval Europe.

Climb to the top of the tower for unrivaled views of the Córdoba Mosque-Cathedral, located on the opposite side of the bridge. Witness a clash of religious architecture as the central Christian cathedral stands in the middle of an Islamic prayer hall.

Visit the Calahorra Tower any day of the week to enjoy the museum. The tower is easy to access on foot or by public transportation. Buses run regularly to the foot of the Roman Bridge, which leads directly to the tower. Follow signs near the tower to find metered parking close to the monument.

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