In the Fall the monarchs migrate down the shoreline. I found this colorful flower full of monarchs and a bee came through at the last minute. I loved the colors and slight blur of the bee which gives the image an action look. A close up of a female snowy owl. It was so cold and windy she allowed me to get within 30 or 40 feet. I was able to lie down on the beach to get these shots. In a city of 7 million I was the only one on the beach this day which is just how I like it. A female snowy owl perched on an ice covered tree on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. I always look forward to seeing these beautiful birds in the Winter. Timing is everything. If I tried to take this shot a million times I would never be able to duplicate the position of the sun in her tires. She was moving very quickly when I took this shot. A snowy owl on a snowy day with just enough visibility to capture the yellow eyes that make this bird so attractive to photographers. Snowy Owls tend to sit out in the open in full view which is unusual as most raptors like to hide and ambush. I guess it is kind of difficult to hide when you are so large and snow white. A dragonfly perched on a purple wildflower at Montrose Beach bird sanctuary. The Schoenhofen Pyramid Mausoleum in Graceland Cemetery is a a family mausoleum for the Chicago brewer, Peter Schoenhofen. The pyramid's design combines both Egyptian and Christian iconography as seen by the Angel and Sphinx flanking the door. A look inside did not reveal whether a traditional casket or mummification, a sarcophagus and Canopic jars were the chosen means to the afterlife. The find of the day was a group of 6 red knots in beautiful breeding plumage. What on Earth they were doing at Montrose was impossible to figure out. These birds are in serious decline as a result of overharvesting of horseshoe crabs which is a critical food source in Spring. Unless we act now these birds will be in serious trouble very soon. Their numbers have dropped dramatically in the last decade. Another shot of the sunrise at Montrose over the water intake crib with my lens at the shortest setting. The crib is 5 miles out. Winter is also a great time to view birds in the dunes along the beach. This is an American tree sparrow foraging for food that I caught at the right time as it dropped down to the ground. Fortunately I had the shutter speed to freeze the wings and keep the image somewhat sharp. This is full frame with no crop. #Beach #CityLife #Chicago #Skies #Sunset #LifeAtExpedia A black capped chicadee eating seeds from a late Fall bounty. These birds are so tame they will land with 12 inches of your camera lens. I wish all birds were this trusting of humans. A juvenile black crowned night heron fishing for small minnows along the shoreline next to the pier. Montrose Beach is the best place in Chicago to watch birds during migration. Another snowy owl photo of a young female taken on a very cold afternoon. Extreme cold days are always my favorite because I have the beaches all to myself and the birds are more tolerant of my presence. Lots of wonderful sights and sounds at Montrose Beach area today. We certainly did not let the rain and wind dampen our day. I was able to get so close to this coopers hawk that I took a portrait shot. This is a full frame, uncropped picture of a wild hawk. A white sulphur butterfly on a purple wildflower in the meadow at Montrose Beach. Another shot of an interesting juvenile black crowned night heron focused on capturing a small minnow. He was so locked in that he did not even notice me laying in the sand. A beautiful yellow swallow caterpillar on a group of purple wildflowers. Montrose Beach in the Summer has everything you can imagine. I wanted to follow up on Charles Arcudis posts which made me long for the warm days of summer. A peregrine falcon enjoying a casual shore lunch at Montrose. These are the F - 16s of the raptor world. They can catch bats in mid air and reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour when stooping for an unsuspecting bird in flight. This image may be graphic for some but that is the reality of the bird world. If you ever see birds looking nervously up in the sky this is one of the main reasons. A golden crowned kinglet perched on some late Fall prarie grass. This is one of my favorite late Fall birds. While heading down to the dunes to look for shorebirds I realized the sunrise was going to be incredible. All I had was a 400 mm lens with a teleconverter so I focused on the crib located 5 miles offshore and took a few shots of the beautiful colors. A sanderling all decked out in breeding colors. This is normally a drab gray and white bird that changes color in Spring. Thank you Richard Remington for sharing your pictures from The Magic Hedge. We had a wonderful time today exploring this fantastic region of Chicago. A black crowned night heron in the dunes along the beach at Montrose. This is teh time of year when you can run into anything at this location. An American Tree Sparrow eating natural food from the dunes. You can see the seed husks flying through the air as I had the shutter speed at 1/2000 of a second. A male redstart getting ready to come down to a water puddle for a bath. A handsome American Tree Sparrow foraging for food on a snowy winter day. A group of 6 red knots that took my breath away. These birds were lifers for me and I spent a good 2 hours following them around on the beach while they were being stalked by children and dogs. The dunes at Montrose are a protected bird sanctuary but they obviously were not aware of this. They turn a cinnamon color during breeding season which is where they get the name red knot. A dunlin and a least sandpiper feed in a small puddle created by rainwater. These small temporary pools attract many migrating shorebirds. These birds are both dressed in breeding plumage which gives them a much different look than they normally have. A female snowy owl perched on a pile of building rubble set up along the lakefront to prevent erosion. Snowy owls tend to use the same perches throughout the day and love to have a good vantage point where they can scan the beach for food and other raptors. I think this is an Alder Flycatcher that I watched in the meadow at Montrose. A snowy owl on the beach at Montrose on a snowy blustery day. These are magnificent birds that are starting to make regular appearances in Chicago every year. One last shot of a golden crowned kinglet from the back. I love the golden/yellow colors on the wings and tail. A male chestnut sided warbler sitting in the shrubs looking for insects. A ruby throated hummingbird on a wildflower perched on a leaf drinking nectar. I always struggle with shutter speed as these birds are so quick. While looking for shorebirds we watched a ring billed gull grab an exhausted golden crowned kinglet which it promptly ate. I never realized that gulls ate smaller birds. It was a sad sight to see since this is one of my favorite small birds. A male black throated blue warbler migrating through the area. I spotted 24 different warblers on this day. These are some of the most colorful interesting birds I see at Montrose. If you go on the right day the trees are dripping with colorful warblers. A northern parula warbler that is very colorful. I wish I had been able to get a picture of the birds face and chest but I had to take what it gave me. At times the warblers were so thick I could not figure out which one to photograph. A white throated sparrow perched in the shrubs along the shoreline. They will be gone shortly until next Spring. A ruby crowned kinglet is s small and very fast bird. To get good shots you have to be patient and lucky. It also helps to have a camera that takes 11 shots a second in autofocus. A male wilsons warbler which might be my favorite warbler to photograph. I always look for the black cap on any yellow warbler that separates the wilsons. A pair of goldfinches feeding on plants before Winters arrival. A Coopers Hawk hunting on a late Fall day for whatever prey it can locate. It terrified all the birds in the area. A snow bunting on the beach at Montrose. These birds blend in well with the snow and dried grasses so you have to be very patient and quiet to get good looks at them. the dunes along the beach are a perfect location to see these birds. A female snowy owl along the beach at Montrose that was being mobbed by crows goes on the offensive. Every year several of these magnificent birds show up along the lakefront and provide great entertainment for birdwatchers and photographers.
Happy Thanksgiving! One last shot of this screeching heron patrolling the shoreline. I love the color of the eyes on this bird. Female white throated sparrow. A juvenile black crowned night heron fishing for minnows in a puddle along the lakefront. A yellow billed cuckoo that landed in a tree close to several photographers who thought it was a mourning dove. When we all realized what it was we chased it all over the bird sanctuary as it looked for food. This is not a regular bird so we were very fortunate to get some good looks at it. Side view of a colorful little common yellowthroat. A carolina wren that sat in the same spot for 10 minutes giving me some great looks. A ruddy turnstone in breeding plumage. They get their name from turning over stones looking for food. I love the colors in Spring when they are breeding. A coopers hawk right along the beach of Lake Michigan. I could not figure out why I was not seeing warblers and shorebirds until I spotted this predator. Chicago style hot dog topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, neon green pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, and a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun. Conspicuously absent are the pickled sport peppers... Buttermilk marinated chicken fried boneless chicken covered in apple sausage gravy with Gruyere mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Now, this is bacon!!
$10 worth of whiskey cured, barrel smoked bacon that requires a steak knife to be precise. The horseshoe fishing pier at Montrose Beach on a very turbulent windy day. Male white crowned sparrow by the magic hedge. The sparrows are now here in big numbers. A male laughing gull doing what it was named for. I am not a big fan of gulls but this is a handsome black headed gull that is very rare in Chicago. It was easily the bird of the day for me. It was sitting on the beach at sunrise and thankfully I was the only one around. It stayed for 15 minutes and then flew out into the lake. They are seen at Montrose once every couple of years. A ruby crowned kinglet feeds in a small tree that was just starting to come to life again after a long Winter. They can make the ruby crown invisible or visible based on their situation. When 2 males are battling the red crown is highly visible. A least sandpiper searching through the algae and gunk on the beach for food. These birds blend in so well they can be difficult to spot. They are slightly larger than a sparrow. While at Montrose yesterday i arrived a half hour before sunrise and watched as the clouds above the city turned a beautiful pink color. I have been at Montrose for many sunrise's and I have never seen anything like this. This shot was taken 10 minutes before sunrise. The clouds were pink for all of 5 minutes so I was fortunate to get a few images. A handsome dunlin in breeding plumage. These birds are only present when migrating through the area. The dunes at Montrose Beach in Chicago is a great place to see snow buntings from November through March. This one cooperated for a few minutes and stayed still. This beach is a great place for birds of all types. A late season goldfinch sitting in a snag of dried flowers. I love purple so anytime I spot a purple bush I wait around to see if anything will land in it. A chipmunk that was up high on a flower eating the buds. I was surprised to see the little guy up this high on a small flower stalk. I followed this Coopers Hawk around as it hunted in the shrubs on the ground for a good 15 minutes. These are very nimble raptors that fly through heavy cover and run very fast through tall grass and weeds. I was only able to get a couple of images because there was so much foliage in the way, I stumbled on a large flock of Lapland Longspurs on the beach at Montrose. I chased them around the dunes for 1 hour until I got wise and sat down and waited for the birds to come to me. It took a half hour but I was able to get some nice shots of this handsome male. Bird photography requires patience which is something I struggle with. A pair of bonapartes gulls diving for alewives in the shallow surf near the beach. The gulls looked almost liked kingfishers as they dove repeatedly for the small fish. A northern flicker looking for insects on the ground in the dunes at Montrose. I spotted a flock of 6 or 7 of these birds all hunting on the ground. I wish I could have captured several of them together which would make a great picture. A robin that looked interesting against the orange/rust colored wood in the background. A Vesper Sparrow in the bushes by the magic hedge which is named for its ability to attract a seamingly endless supply of interesting birds. Beautiful little bird in the magic hedge. A male red breasted merganser with a small perch. I watched a small raft of around 100 mergansers fishing right off the fishhook pier. Getting good shots of the ducks with a fish was difficult because they swallowed them so fast after they came up. I spent 3 hours shooting to get 3 shots in focus but I sure enjoyed every minute. An Easter Whipoorwhill roosting on the ground during the day in a restricted area. These birds are very difficult to spot on the ground. This bird moved slightly which is the only reason I spotted it. The variety of birds that come through this natural migrant trap every Spring and Fall is breathtaking. Here is s sanderling that still has traces of breeding plumage. I captured 2 species of plovers (Semi Palmated and Ringed) along with least sandpipers on the beach at Montrose. A lousiana waterthrush migrating South for the Winter. A dunlin on the beach in breeding plumage. You never know what you will see this time of the year. I love Spring! A swamp sparrow in a flower bush. Birds were all over on this day. A sanderling taking a bath in a small puddle along the lakeshore. Just a little birds in the hedge A male redstart taking a bath in a puddle at Montrose. With all the warblers around if you find standing water the warblers will eventually come down for a bath. A white crowned sparrow getting ready to bathe with a warbler of some type. They can be hard to identify. A group of sentinels watching for a peregrine falcon while one of them looks for food. These birds are always looking up as if they expect to be ambushed at any moment. This is just north of Downtown Chicago at one of my favorite spots to look at the city. Montrose has the beach itself, a nature preserve, a quirky restaurant with live music most nights, and boat rentals. It's a great spot that is close to the city without being overwhelmed by the city. A goldfinch feeding on wildflowers near the water feature at the magic hedge. This is a great place to see songbirds in the Summer. A semi palmated plover relaxing in a puddle on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is the best place in the Chicago area for watching Fall and Spring migrants. Field sparrow migrating through the meadow at Montrose. A colorful male magnolia warbler in the bushes at Montrose. Good fresh scandinavian food. Great service! Beautiful beach and park on the shores of Lake Michigan. This monument in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood has seen better days. Graceland opened in 1860 and is the final home for many famous burials and monuments by famous architects. A group of 6 red knots preening after a meal. these are amazing birds and I was very fortunate to see them. They are very rare in the Chicago area as they really do not belong in the Midwest fro any reason. It might have something to do with their depleted food source (Horseshoe Crabs) which has them moving into strange areas to find alternative food sources. The dunes at Montrose Beach which might be the best place in the Midwest to see birds. I thought maybe I would see a snowy owl or some winter ducks but the winds were too strong for anything. The water was as turbulent as I have ever seen it in my 53 years living in this area. For all you locavores out there, nothing beats farm fresh ice tea... El Chupacabra with braised goat chili, goat cheese and avocados. Possible the Best chicken I have ever had tons of flavor
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Along with a 24-hour front desk, this hotel has multilingual staff and free breakfast. Free WiFi in public areas and free self parking are also provided.

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Hotel Amenities

A complimentary breakfast is offered. Wireless Internet access is complimentary. Onsite self parking is complimentary.

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