A view of the new pedestrian skywalk connecting the convention center to the new downtown Hilton. Creative cocktails and great pizza in a cozy space. #foodiefinds The North Market is a great spot for lunch in Columbus. Choose from over 30 prepared food counters and specialty shops in a turn-of-the-century farm implements warehouse. Nutella-filled pancake balls made my day at this delightful little cafe. You can also get them filled with dulce de leche or pumpkin-apple butter, but why would you when Nutella is an option! Paired with Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Bacon and blood orange juice. If you find yourself lost within the tangle of rooms, grab a book and pass the time. It won't be hard to find some quite space among the shops 32 rooms, assembled from a collection of pre-Civil War buildings that once housed a general store, a saloon and a cinema. The #CCHolidayLights @ColumbusCommons
Over 300,000 LED lights decorate the downtown park! Excellent sweet shop in German Village. Whether its homemade fudge, treats from Europe, or standard American candies, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. The view from pitcher's mound looking through the overgrown infield towards home plate inside the now abandoned Cooper Stadium, the former home of the Columbus Clippers, the Triple A affiliates of the Cleveland Indians. Wonderful little pizza joint in German Village. Build your own, or choose from a pre-vetted selection including the likes of the Ohio Double Bacon or the Spicy Yuma (pictured). I also have it on good authority that the gluten-free crust is quite tasty. A quartet of super fancy pancakes from SuperChef's Breakfast and More! Let's break this down clockwise style; a caramel apple pancake, a pineapple upside down pancake, a Reece's peanut butter cup pancake and a heart shaped red velvet pancake! If you are a fan of Dale Chihuly, don't miss the Glass Magic: Than and Now exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. It's there until May 1, 2016 and admission is free on Sundays. They have some beautiful ancient glass on loan from the Israel Antiquites Authority juxtaposed with some of the current masters, like William Morris and Lino Tagliapietra. Wall art on an alley in the Short North Arts District. #AsSeenInColumbus #LifeInCbus
The downtown skyline on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A monarch butterfly and bright yellow blossoms on Halloween in central Ohio?!
How else could one encompass #EndlessSummer in a photo?
This encounter occurred at Frank Fetch Park, in German Village,
The park is a tiny .2 acre pocket park that provides a bit of natural respite from the otherwise cozy, if not crowded, surrounding residential neighborhood. Unpretentious eatery in the historic German Village. The best deal is the buffet, where for $15 you can pig out on a variety of sausages/brats, German potato salad, Mac-n-cheese, green beans and more. And don't forget to save room for a giant cream puff! Get your hot dog fix here. Feels a bit like a dive-bar, but fun and great for kids too. Plenty of dogs to choose from - pictured here are Puff the Magic Popper and Sarva's Tot-cho Dog. The jalapeños are the real deal. The Cheese Shop is just one of about 30 food counters in the North Market. After picking out a few cheeses, stop by the bakery to pair them with some fresh bread. Cute and clever foreshadowing graffiti on the former Rife's Market in Grandview hinting of the upcoming brick and mortar expansion of perennial food truck favorite; Sweet Carrot. 8 Sisters bakery from Mt. Gilead OH packs up their amazing donuts and brings them to downtown Columbus for the Pearl Street Farmer's Market.
Here is a pan full of maple bacon long johns! Maple cream filled and completely covered in bacon. A dark chocolate bacon and a strawberry lemonade donut from Destination Donuts in the North Market. Nashville hot chicken in the North Market! The chicken is sourced from nearby Ohio farms, brined for 20 hours, and double deep fried - you won't be disappointed. Also, 60% of the staff have experienced homelessness and poverty and are getting a second chance to earn a living. Eat great, and feel good about it! Family-friendly BBQ joint with a large menu and good draft beer. Not a gourmet meal, but easily beats any of the chain restaurants for taste and atmosphere.
Tip: Order extra pickles. Hyper-local bakery, crafting everything you see here and more. Scones, croissants, cookies, rolls and ten types of bread are all freshly baked right here in the corner of North Market. It doesn't get any more local than this! The view from an an abandoned overpass on Interstate 70/71 through downtown Columbus. Vegetation has overgrown more than half of the once two lane bridge. A very surreal environment, like a scene from The Walking Dead. Destination Donuts are dreamy decadent desserts from the mind of self proclaimed Donut Queen, Heather Morris.
Nutella Bomb. Boom. In addition to all the cool local shops and restaurants located in Short North district, with a bit of timing and luck, you can look westerly and catch a glorious sunset!
#GoldenHour The Rotunda is one of the most remarkable spaces in the Statehouse. Stretching 120 feet from the floor to the oculus.
The crown jewel in the Rotunda's dome is its 29-foot-wide skylight. The center circle of the skylight is a hand-painted Great Seal of Ohio, a reproduction of the Seal that was in use in 1861 when the Rotunda was completed.
The seal in the dome, which is 3ft in diameter, is slightly different than the seal in use today. This seal not only has the mountains, a sheaf of wheat and a bundle of arrows, but it also includes a canal boat in the foreground. The canals were an important mode of transportation at the time this seal was designed (circa 1847). The seal has changed five times in the course of Ohio's history.
#architecture Feels a bit like a dive-bar, but it's fun and great for kids too. Dozens of amped up dogs to choose from, including Slappy Pappy's Super Sloppy, the Doginator, and the Ohioana. If you want a plain old wiener, order The Glenn Beck. Jeni's is the place to go for quality ice cream in Columbus. What we have here is an ice cream sandwich made with Molasses-Ginger Snap cookies and Goat Cheese and Cherries ice cream. And in the cup we have a hot chocolate float with dark chocolate peppermint ice cream. Both were amazing! This arch is all that remains of Columbus Grand Union Station, the city's third and final train station.
Built in 1897 and designed by Daniel H. Burnham and Company of Chicago, the train station was located in the current footprint of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.
On October 22, 1976, demolition began despite having been listed on the National Register of Historic Places two years earlier. A restraining order federal judge George Smith halted demolition, but it was too late and only one arch of the ornate structure was saved.
In 1999, the arch in its entirety was slowing inched over several blocks to its current location at Dimon McPherson Commons in the Arena District.
A veritable cornucopia of macarons with flavors such as pistachio, vanilla bean, lemon, lime-basil, raspberry-hibiscus, and strawberry-elderflower! Soft, salty pretzels with sriracha mustard
and cheese sauce for dipping from Dirty Frank's Westgate location. A beautiful view of the skyline of downtown Columbus reflecting into the Scioto River during its restoration through the Scioto Greenways Project. The project is involves three primary components: 1) removing the Main Street Dam, 2) restoring the Scioto River channel, and 3) creating 33 acres of new green space. More info at http://www.sciotogreenways.com/ The LeVeque Tower is a steel frame building covered in glazed architectural terra-cotta tiles with an oak-bark texture.
Originally, the building's exterior featured a large number of sculptures. However, much of it had to be removed because the terra-cotta began to crumble and fall to the street. Lost sculptures include four 18 feet eagles at the corners of the building at the 36th floor and four 20 feet statues of colossus and youth on the sides of the building at the setback of the 40th floor
The spaces left by the departed sculpture serve as the bases for lights used to illuminate the tower. The Tower is often illuminated in white, but the colors change for certain holidays. Green for St,. Patrick's Day. Red, White and Blue for the 4th of July. Red and Green for the Christmas season.
#architecture A trio of pink jump roping girls and a collection of pink and blue antennas broadcasting some sort of message on the wall of the Short North Tavern. The iconic sign outside of the Southern Theatre. Very cool and classic looking because of the use of individual light bulbs. A bit of a challenge to photograph since it's only illuminated when there is a performance at the venue.
The Southern Theatre is the oldest surviving theatre in central Ohio and one of the oldest in the state, the Southern Theatre opened in 1896.
The theatre was closed in 1979. The theatre was gifted to the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts in 1986.
In 1998, following an intensive, 14-month CAPA-led restoration, the 925-seat jewel-box Southern Theatre reopened. A wall of soda!
Just a sampling of the 500 or so different soda pops available at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop in the Short North.
I was in root beer heaven! I spent way more than I should and fully intend on going back to spend more! Festival Latino, held downtown along the Scioto River, is a great opportunity to try a variety of Latin treats.
The absolute highlight, without question, was the elote, or Mexican street corn.
Corn on the cob slathered with mayo, rolled in cotija cheese and chili powder with a generous squeeze of lime juice.
#delicious A gray squirrel sitting atop a pumpkin, munching on some corn inside Frank Fetch Park seems a seasonally appropriate post for Halloween.
The park, in German Village, is a tiny .2 acre pocket park that provides a bit of natural respite from the otherwise cozy, if not crowded, surrounding residential neighborhood. Stock up on all your nutty needs at this little shop near Grandview Heights. You'll find giant cashews and colossal pistachios among dozens of other nuts, chocolates and candies. Their all natural peanut butter is also tasty - be sure to try the spicy version too! One of three new bronze deer sculptures in downtown from artist Terry Allen.
This one can be found pontificating on the Rich St. bridge overlooking the new park.
The Scioto Greenways project consisted of three primary components:
1) removing the Main Street Dam,
2) restoring the Scioto River channel,
3) creating 33 acres of new green space. You can't go wrong here. Goat Cheese with Red Cherries and Dark Chocolate Peppermint. The sunset as viewed from the pedestrian half of the Main St. Bridge. The binoculars mounted to the bridge railing in the foreground are for detailed viewing of the downtown skyline just off to the north of the bridge. A look upriver from the Main St bridge of the skyline and the newly created parkland along the river downtown.
The Scioto Greenways project consisted of three primary components:
1) removing the Main Street Dam,
2) restoring the Scioto River channel,
3) creating 33 acres of new green space. Delightful little cafe in the heart of Columbus. Eclectic menu includes twists on standard breakfast fare (ex: pancake balls) as well as Mexican favs (Mazatlan Pork & Egg Sandwich). Open for breakfast and lunch. Don't miss the creative and tasty veggie dishes at this counter shop in the North Market. Fresh dishes rotate daily, combining ingredients like squash, rutabaga, spinach, quinoa and more. Yup that's right, a hot cocoa bar! A buffet style setup of any and all fixings you can dream up to make your own mug of hot cocoa! What a simple yet brilliant idea! A male red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) showing its red shoulder and yellow wing epaulets.
Scioto Audubon Metro Park, located along the banks of the Scioto River just south of downtown Columbus, is a 120-acre oasis created from an industrial area that contained the former police impound lot.
#hiking So glad to see that the sand-worms from Beetlejuice have managed to stay employed. Allow me to present The An overhead view of the holiday lights display at the Columbus Commons taken from the roof of the parking garage across the street. The Waffle Comes First, Respect The Waffle!
Waffle n'chicken with Ohio maple syrup and hot sauce from Taste of Belgium in the North Market. Salt & Pine is located in the newly constructed 250 High building.
While the dinner menu could be construed as intimidating because of some unfamiliar ingredients, the brunch menu is much more approachable and simple delicious!
This the griddlecakes and a side of heirloom potato hash with a dollop of crème fraîche.
Griddlecakes, pancakes, flap jacks, however you refer to them, are a fairly pedestrian breakfast option but these were expertly done with a subtle sweetness to the batter and just a touch of crispness to the outside.
Just a few bites into the meal and my dinner companions were commenting on how they already couldn't wait to return and dine here again. The downtown skyline as seen from in front of the Center of Science and Industry.
The Scioto Greenways project consisted of three primary components:
1) removing the Main Street Dam,
2) restoring the Scioto River channel,
3) creating 33 acres of new green space.
Be sure to check out the sandwich counter at this nut shop. They make a variety of tasty sandwiches with their all natural peanut butter and locally crafted jellies. My order of crunchy peanut butter and grape jelly on wheat really hit the spot. Pigs in a blanket with mustard dipping sauce. The Columbus downtown waterfront along the Scioto River is going through a metamorphosis beginning with the removal of the Main street low head dam. This will drastically affect the width, depth and path of the Scioto River ultimately creating 33 acres of new green space directly in the downtown area. More information on the project can be found at http://www.sciotogreenways.com/ A shot of the setting sun reflecting off one of the buildings of the partial downtown Columbus skyline as seen from the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. A street art rooster with his cockscomb drooping on a currently abandoned building in Franklinton, the burgeoning art hub of Columbus. Built in 1861, this building operated as one of Ohio's first arsenals/armories until the mid 1970's. From then until the present, it's home to the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. Classes offered include bronze casting, clay sculpting, stone carving, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, painting, and jewelry making.
The classes offered are really an inexpensive way to nurture a new talent. There are day, night and weekend classes offered. Classes are generally $55 for 8 weekly 3 hour sessions.
The Cultural Arts Center is located in the heart of the burgeoning art hub in Franklinton and remains a #localgem Blueberry doughnut from DK diner. The shapes may be irregular but the taste is otherworldly! The caramelized vanilla bean cheesecake with a dollop of sorbet and sliced strawberries from Nada, a Cincinnati import billed as a contemporary Mexican restaurant. Translation: artfully plated upscale versions of Mexican street food for gringos who aren't yet comfortable enough to hit up the local taco truck. The Potato Bacon Bomb! Thick sliced golden fried potato planks, cheesy roasted garlic mashed potatoes, crisp hickory bacon, creamy sour cream and scallion sauce and sharp cheddar busting the seams of two slices of homemade bread. A couple of fancy dogs from Dirty Frank's;
First up, the True Love Always dog with cream cheese and a boatload of green olives.
Next, Slappy Pappy's Super Sloppy dog with bacon, coney sauce, cheddar cheese,
sour cream and french fries. As much fun to say as it is to eat! A trio from Jeni's new color collection consisting of
Ultramarine Blue - Pulverized wild Maine blueberries and natural fruit extracts with buttermilk, biodynamic yogurt, grass-­grazed milk, and cream.
Cadmium Yellow - Bitter citron yellow. Crushed whole lemons with bergamot, white grapefruit, biodynamic yogurt, grass-­grazed milk, cream, and buttermilk.
Persian Orange - Mango, passion fruit, and blood orange zest with buttermilk, biodynamic yogurt, grass­-grazed milk, and cream. A sunset scene of the snow covered trees along this inlet of the Scioto River. In the warmer months, looking down from this observation platform rewards park visitors with a view teeming with an array of native turtle species sunning themselves on the natural flotsam and jetsam of fallen tree branches. Festival Latino, held downtown along the Scioto River, is a great opportunity to try a variety of Latin treats.
Churros with ice cream topped with hot fudge and caramel sauce.
#delicious A limestone sculpture of a sofa by artist, Robert Huff sits at its new home in the courtyard of the Cultural Arts Center.
The sofas was originally installed at Greenwood Park in 2004. Called the “Limestone Sofa” or “Sofa,” the piece sustained damage over the years, serving as a location for panhandling in the Short North.
The piece was removed, returned to the artist for restoration and now resides, renewed, in its new residence. This upscale diner has a fun 60s vibe and a great menu. The Philly Cheese Steak features shaved prime rib - clearly a notch above your standard diner fare. An American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus or Rana catesbeiana) poking its head out of the water near the boardwalk on a trail at Scioto Audubon Metro Park.
Scioto Audubon Metro Park, located along the banks of the Scioto River just south of downtown Columbus, is a 120-acre oasis created from an industrial area that contained the former police impound lot.
#hiking Get your giant nuts here! Stock up on giant cashews and colossal pistachios, among dozens of other nuts, chocolates and candies. Their all natural peanut butter is also tasty - be sure to try the spicy version too! The prototype of the new hoop design being considered for the upcoming NBA season. The Tiny Doors Project has hit Columbus. Four local artists in conjunction with the parks and rec department have placed four tiny fairy/elf doors in city parks. City foresters worked with the artists as none of the pieces are allowed to be physically attached to the trees. The idea of the project is to get families, kids or just the public in general to get outside and explore their city parks. This elf-faced door by artist Kenny Cramer is in Schiller Park in German Village. #tinydoors Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread Pudding, the January dessert of the month. Homemade peanut butter bread pudding sliced in half to represent two slices of “white bread” then layered with fresh made sweet peanut butter, candied peanuts and strawberry preserves. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh whipped cream & strawberry sauce. An overflowing box of donut deliciousness from DK Diner in Grandview!
All your favorites are here including; yeast glazed, chocolate devil's food, sour cream, cinnamon sugar, blueberry and glazed cake!
Not pictured because already consumed was a chocolate creme filled long john.
Get there super early and get super rewarded because they'll be super fresh, hot and ridiculously awesome! A closeup of the pink tinge on an aging bloom of white clover (Trifolium repens) along the meadow at Scioto Audubon Metro Park.
As a kid, most lawns had a healthy dose of clover growing interwoven throughout providing a treat for rabbits, a pollen stop for honey bees and the roots of clover are nitrogen fixing, which means a greener grass without added fertilizer.
Scioto Audubon Metro Park, located along the banks of the Scioto River just south of downtown Columbus, is a 120-acre oasis created from an industrial area that contained the former police impound lot.
#hiking Stone Pot Bibimbap - An assortment of blanched vegetables and marinated beef on steamed rice and a sunny side up egg on top served in a rocket hot stone pot. Break the yolk and stir it up as the egg crackles and sizzles against the walls of the pot. The crispy caramelized bits of rice that form on the bottom are like buried treasure in this dish. An insect taking refuge in the petals of a pale blue iris,
Scioto Audubon Metro Park, located along the banks of the Scioto River just south of downtown Columbus, is a 120-acre oasis created from an industrial area that contained the former police impound lot.
#hiking Sock Hop Soda Shop is a food truck that specializes in 1950's style food and treats.
You can get an all Ohio root beer float made with Velvet brand vanilla ice cream made in Utica, OH and capped off with Frostop root beer from Springfield, OH. @ColsUnderground hosted a second “Best Bites” event at the Strongwater venue space. The theme this time was Sweet Treats! Offerings from fifteen different local bake shops were eagerly consumed by a friendly horde of sugar-fiends.
Each attendee was given a token to vote for their personal favorite. The champion this evening was a Fasnacht (a German fried donut) topped and filled with homemade chocolate ganache and strawberry preserves from Destination Donuts,
Participating shops included Piece of Cake, Bake Me Happy, Mighty Macs, Glad Annie’s Old World Baklava, Sugardaddy’s, Dough Mama, Pistacia Vera, Destination Donuts, Pattycake Bakery, Kolache Republic, Cherbourg Bakery, Four and Twenty Blackbird, Soodles Bake Shop, The Eagle Family Candy Co and Three Kids and a Kitchen. The LeVeque Tower is a 47-story Art Deco-style building, it was the tallest building in Columbus from 1927 until 1974 when the Rhodes State Office Tower was completed. The LeVeque Tower is 555 feet 6 inches tall, which at the time of its completion made it the tallest building between New York City and Chicago and the fifth tallest building in the world. It was meant to be built exactly one half-foot taller than the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
#architecture A cheeseburger from the recently opened The Walrus Kitchen and Public House topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and American cheese.
#delicious A bacon cheeseburger from Hadley's Bar & Restaurant. One of Columbus' newest restaurants. Located in the 4th and Main corridor or the 'Deep Downtown' neighborhood. Downtown Columbus, including the Leveque Tower, lit up for the holidays.
#WinterWonders Amazing chicken and waffles here. Thin slice of crispy, seasoned fried chicken atop a crunchy, maple-drizzled Belgian waffle. Wish I could start every day right here. 8oz. Pint House burger, Angus beef, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on a toasted brioche roll served with thick fresh cut fries. The The Wonder Bread bakery in Columbus closed in May 2009 due to a sales decline in one of North America's first pre-sliced bread brands. The sign remains and the bakery has been renovated into sixty-some loft apartments. Bibimbop Burger; 7oz 21 day dry aged special marinade patty, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, julienne carrots, pickled daikon, lettuce, sunny-side up
organic egg, mozzarella, and bibimbop sauce. A two-headed horse on a corrugated steel barn in Franklinton, the burgeoning art of Columbus. There is an almost identical installation in the Old Town East neighborhood too. This color scheme and little girl theme are repeated in a few areas of town. This particular wall in an alley just off High St. in the short north seems a perennial favorite for artist Stephanie Rond to present her work. The pretzel sampler; a pretzel stick, a savory cheese filled pretzel and an AMAZING custard filled cinnamon pretzel served with the appropriate beer cheese, spicy mustard and cinnamon-sugar dipping sauces! A Belgian waffle as the base for a create your own fro-yo sundae; chocolate fro-yo, Reece's peanut butter cups, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, hot fudge, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter sauce and whipped cream! Two giant plate-sized pancakes made with blueberry donut batter from DK diner. The DK stood for Donut Kitchen but the place and the menu has expanded from exquisite donuts to include a plethora of breakfast, lunch and dinner fare. The Your Surf Our Turf Burger from Rishi Sushi
7oz special house marinade 21 day dry-aged beef patty, walnut panko fried crab cake, Neuske cherrywood bacon, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, baby arugula, Asian slaw,
mild cheddar cheese and honey wasabi mayo on a butter brioche bun. Katalina’s - Home of the Original Pancake Balls.
pancake balls made with local stoneground Fowler’s Mill flour and filled with pumpkin-apple butter. Served with real Ohio maple syrup and Katalina’s Original Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Bacon. Hot Chicken Takeover! Nashville style spicy fried chicken at the North Market.
Pick your heat level: cold, warm, hot, or holy!
Today, I scaled back and went with warm. Hot is HOT and I fear holy.
Add a waffle with house made syrup, cole slaw and mac and cheese with unlimited sweet tea. The Beacon Building, a six-story structure built in 1957 on Gay St. across Front Street from City Hall. The corner of the building is clad in polished stone with aluminum fins decorating the southwest facade. Very cool red letters on a teal backdrop spell out the building's namesake.
The building houses Columbus’ Public Service Department. The city bought the building in 1978 for about $2 million.
Officials are planning to move the Public Service Department to a new building to be constructed on the southwestern corner of Front and Long streets as part of a $149 million upgrade to city buildings Downtown.
Once the city no longer needs the Beacon Building, officials intend to sell it to a private developer.
#architecture The famous mac-n-cheese from Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails. Rotini noodles with poblano peppers, red onion, Ohio
sausage crumbles and corn tossed in a creamy cheese sauce.
photo by

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Knights Inn Columbus/Franklinton

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Hotel Amenities

Knights Inn Columbus/Franklinton features coffee/tea in a common area, a grocery/convenience store, and RV/bus/truck parking. The property has a 24-hour front desk. Complimentary self parking is available on site.

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