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Pull into port in lively, cosmopolitan cities or on the edge of dramatic wildernesses in a spectacularly diverse and thrilling continent. 

Although it may not be the first continent that you think of when imagining cruise destinations, an Africa cruise offers vast, exhilarating and varied experiences that rival any of the cruise world’s top destinations. It has beach-covered island delights as stunning as the Caribbean, cultural cities as inspirational as Europe and swaths of untouched nature that easily match Alaska or Canada. Africa is intimidatingly large, but Africa cruises allow you to experience several different sides to this consistently beautiful continent.

Visitors speak in hushed tones of an “African spirit,” yet in truth each country has its own unique atmosphere. Take an Africa cruise vacation down the Chobe River in Botswana to get close to thirsty lions and hungry crocodiles or lounge on the beaches of Dakar in Senegal to experience a relaxed, west coast atmosphere. South Africa offers surfing in Durban and wine in Cape Town, while Madagascar promises dense jungles with lemurs. 

Just as the landscape can range from deserts to vineyards in a short space of time, so too are Africa cruise deals appealingly diverse. Luxury lines offer all-inclusive indulgence, with spacious ocean-view suites and local dining in gourmet, onboard restaurants. Alternatively, take a family-friendly Africa cruise between Zanzibar and Durban for wildlife-watching opportunities.

Itineraries for cruises to Africa vary wildly, too. Given the distance between ports, shorter, 7-day, cheap cruises to Africa are likely to cover only a few destinations. Allow yourself to travel for longer, however, and your cruise to Africa could last between 14 and 40 nights, following the coast all the way from Cape Town to Lisbon, Portugal. Pick a region of Africa, whether that’s the idyllic Seychelles Islands or the dramatic dunes of Namibia; then enjoy days spent skimming along the continent’s breathtaking coastline. 

Take an Africa cruise during its relatively long cruise season. Travel between October and May to enjoy the many attractions of the African coast. The Seychelles offer Africa cruise deals year-round while Madagascar has July options if you need more flexibility with your travel times or even a last-minute cruise deal to Africa.

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