Find out about events and cultural activities in the tourism office inside the yellow House of the Falcon on Market Square.

The Falkenhaus is an iconic building in downtown Wuerzburg with a bright yellow rococo façade. The building was severely damaged during World War II, before being reconstructed using old photos to match its historic appearance. This 18th-century guesthouse today contains the tourism office and the municipal library. Enter the building for up-to-date information about the city and its current events and activities.

Admire the yellow frontage with white window frames and a red roof. At the top of the façade is an elegant middle gable. Find the tourism office near the main entrance to this historic building, which has three stories and occasionally holds exhibitions.

Purchase candy and souvenirs from the small shop. Receive detailed information about the Franconian wine region. Relax in the quaint reading café and enjoy the tranquil ambiance. The building has an inner courtyard with fountains and seats.

Relax in the large Upper Market square in which the Falkenhaus stands. The piazza also holds the Marienkapelle, a spectacular red and white chapel and tower. Gaze at the plaza’s obelisk and enjoy snacks and drinks at a café with outdoor seating.

Sit at a bench and read a book in this spacious square for pedestrians. In winter, the plaza holds a Christmas Market with many festive stalls. Attend one of the wine events held in this square.

Visit the site on any day from morning until late afternoon, with shorter hours on weekends. In winter, the office is closed on Sundays. Purchase tickets here for cultural events, city tours and the City Train.

Find the Falkenhaus along the northern edge of the Upper Market square in the heart of the historic center of Wuerzburg. Walk south from the Wuerzburg Hbf railway station for about 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) to reach the Falcon House. See neighboring sights, such as the Marienkapelle chapel, the Neumuenster church and the Wuerzburg Cathedral.

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