I love how these willow tress lined near the water -huntington library chinese gardens. If you want to check some really interesting n beautiful #architecture visit Pasadena. #roadtrip Jamaican BBQ ribs with garlic potatoes and coleslaw! Yum! Who's in the mood for churros con chocolate? Definitely me!! #delicious #food #travel If you do visit The Huntington, take some time and drive around the surrounding neighborhood, the homes are incredible. Follow the map to this one, it was featured in both Father of the Bride re-makes starring Steve Martin. Interesting note about the city of San Marino, not one gas station is in its city limits. Detail of the Desert Garden in The Huntington Library.
#huntingtonlibrary #pasadena #california #botanicalgarden This place has it all. Amazing library and art collection as well as great art exhibits. California poppies after the rain in Bungalow Heaven. #Green Chinese pavilion Breakfast is served! Berry Sweet 🍓 #delicious Great soda selection here. This was a very beautiful place!! If you get a chance to go here go! History and flowers! Enjoy! A #burger lover can’t miss one of the most famous drive ins! #red Cool sculpture in South Pasadenda #delicious burgher for lunch. Cute little service station motif! #red Foot bridge in Japanese garden The Huntington In San Marino was a popular place for mothers day. The art collection and botanical gardens are worth the visit. Barrel Cactus San Gabriel Mission Kinda scary. This Metro stop in the middle of the freeway. Tournament of the Roses Parade. It's more than just roses and the smell from all of the flowers is just heavenly. Pasadena, CA Just think of the time and patience needed to create this. Outside Chinese Garden Japanese house featured at the Japanese Gardens Skylight looks like tic tac toe. One of several Bonsai trees Discovered South Pasadena today. Pretty cute. This home is amazingly beautiful! Located in Pasadena. Used in the movie zathura. Tim Robbins stars. It's a craftsman home. Huge bamboo This is for Katie Great beers! Try the sour ales! Great tapas and sangria! Yummy mushroom pizza and my book! The Gamble House in Pasadena, is a masterpiece of American Arts and Crafts style architecture. The house and furniture were designed by architects Charles and Henry Greene in 1908 for The Gambles of the Procter & Gamble Company. The house was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1978.
#gamblehouse #greeneandgreene #museum #architecture #pasadena #california Details of entrance door of the Gamble House. Greene & Greene Architects.
#gamblehouse #greeneandgreene #pasadena #california #architecture #museum #patterns One of my favorite cafe's when traveling through California Beautiful place to explore and visit! Japanese Gardens is the best part of The Huntington. A must The Blue Boy, Thomas Gainsborough, circa 1770 😍🌹📷📱 #allnatural #nofilter #BEAUTIFUL ... I just want you to know This photo was taken at Christmas Tree Lane, Pasadena. It looks like we were entering Hyperspace. View from the back door of my room st the Saga Caltech campus is full of beauty...from waterlilies to turtles and hummingbirds...and maybe even Sheldon! Caltech ❤ One of the many beautiful sceneries This is the 4th out of 21 CA missions founded in 1771. The six bell campanario was built after the 1812 earthquake toppled the original bells. Follow the mission bells on El Camino Real trail to see all the missions. #Blue Stroll in the sculpture garden around the lily pond and have lunch at the museum's outside cafe with this view. #Blue Old 1912 concrete arch bridge with lamps and romantic look, part of historic Route 66 until 1940, but AKA Suicide bridge, rumored to be haunted by ghosts of those who jumped off during the Great Depression. Continue on West Colorado Blvd into Old Town Pasadena, route of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. #Blue Hip small cafe and menu of comfort food and desserts made to order, with fried chicken and gorgonzola potato salad the locals favorites. The cafe is just off the main drag, Colorado Avenue, so the street parking is a bit better.
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