Museo Lara

From bullfighting memorabilia to timepieces and witchcraft, this private collection of weird and wonderful artifacts will leave you impressed and amazed.

Explore an extraordinary exhibition of antiques and objects from around the world at the Museo Lara. Find displays dedicated to cinema, photography, scientific instruments and weapons, among other things. Learn about the Spanish Inquisition and delve into the mysterious world of witchcraft. Museo Lara spreads throughout the rooms of the elegant Casa Palacio de los Condes de las Conquistas.

View the exhibits, which are the private collection of Juan Antonio Lara Jurado. His passion as a collector began at the age of 10 when he took a keen interest in coins. He has since amassed thousands of curious objects highlighting his wide-ranging interests.

See timepieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. One favorite is a Swiss clock decorated with representations of the lunar calendar. Browse a series of handguns including an unusual seven-barreled pistol. Check out the various musical instruments, sewing machines, telephones and typewriters.

Admire a plethora of cameras, filming devices, pens and pipes. Find examples of Middle Age armor, Romanticist figurines and traditional bandolero knives. Peek inside the chapel dedicated to Fray Leopoldo, a revered Spanish Capuchin friar. Discover a display of ancient Andalusian coins and pottery made by Ronda’s earliest settlers.

Go to the gruesome Spanish Inquisition room, filled with torture devices used to interrogate, murder and break the will of wrongdoers. Among these cruel implements are a garrote, a guillotine, a rack and a chair of nails. Don’t miss the witchcraft exhibit. Spot models of peculiar-looking elves, werewolves, mermaids and witches in addition to potions based on bat wings, snakes and toads.

The museum is located in Ronda’s old town, La Ciudad, and close to several other major town attractions. Walk a short distance to the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor. Nearby Puente Nuevo offers superb views of El Tajo Gorge. Ronda’s train station is about 20 minutes away by foot.

Museo Lara is open daily from late morning to evening and has an admission fee. Purchase an audio guide in English, Spanish, French or German to enhance your tour.

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