One last set. Show up at Huntington Beach at sunset and you'll likely see surfers lined up, waiting for the last waves of the day. Enjoy the sights & sounds, the vendor booths or grab some food at any of the nearby hotspots. The Huntington Beach pier is a great place to end the day.
#BvSWater Along the bike trail just north of Seapointe lies the quintessential California scene. This butterfly is called a Mourning Cloak, probably for obvious reasons.
An aside here: the assigning of common names to different species of butterfly, moth, dragonfly, and the like, seems to have become something of an art, with a myriad collection of modern Adams deftly tugging the most delicate and creative epithets out of thin air and laying them like mantles over one species after another.
I kind of look forward to finding new ones, just to hear the subtle and surprising names they've been given. Surf City USA - Huntington Beach is gorgeous year round and it's iconic pier makes for a great photo subject!
#BvSWater #ocean #sunset An enchanting [but lousy] picture of the real McCoy -- an adult Black-capped Night Heron -- stalking with the kind of purpose only Herons seem to have. He was at the base of the breakwall along the Santa Ana River, ignoring everything but the task at hand. You just have to admire something that can maintain that level of concentration over such an extended period of time.
I know, what was I saying...? A surfer silhouetted in golden hour light.
#BvSWater This is a Western Side-blotched Lizard.
If you're looking for a lesson in herpetology and you don't feel like forking out the cash for a college lecture, head to the wilderness areas of Southern California.
Bring water, though. They don't need it, but you sure will. #BeachBound Huntington Beach sunset :) A surfer waiting for a wave at sunset.
The first view of the Santa Ana River as you come up off the trail from the Talbert Refuge/Park/Preserve -- take your pick.
It's a very calm river at the moment, since most of its water has evaporated into the sky and is drenching some other part of the world for the time being. I hear it can race along at a good clip when the channel is full.
But it didn't bother me too much to see it that way.
I went for the R&R, and, at every turn, the landscape seemed to do its best to accommodate me. My doorway to happiness: the sound, smell, and feel of the ocean. I guess growing up landlocked allows the ocean, from Europe to the east coast in America to the west coast, to continually remain magic to me. A Huntington Beach staple, Sushi On Fire, is your guaranteed excellent sushi spot. Everything on the menu is super fresh and delicious. My personal favorites are the spicy edamame and the Hello Kitty Handroll (pictured). Beach access by the Jack in the Box at PCH and Warner is a great location for watching the sunset. This was taken 11-19-2016 #beachbound
Mr. Peanut catchin' some rays on the bike path between tower 18-20. HB Beer Co. has an awesome patio and a great happy hour M-F 2-7pm that features 30-50% off select food items and drink specials. Try the ahi sliders with extra wasabi sauce and sweet potato fries. My favorite hole in the wall sushi joint in HB. Great local prices and always super fresh. Make sure you ask for Deny, the Sushi Chef, he's my fav! Try the Albacore Special, Stuffed Jalapeño, and Spicy Dynamite. Best 3 rolls in town. These Southern Alligator Lizards were everywhere in the park, and, as you can see, they're practically invisible until you're nearly on top of them. But a few of them must be used to people, because they just sit there letting you get uncomfortably close.
The fact that they can outrun a lightning bolt to the bushes probably helps give them the confidence they need to stick around.
I should add that these are common everywhere in Southern California. You can't walk a path without seeing one -- or not seeing one -- if you catch my drift. Pecking.. The best calamari in town is in your taco.
Aloha Grill's Calamari Tacos are to die for!!! Seriously. Mouthwatering. And on Tuesday's they're a buck-fifty. Yep, $1.50.
Get on it! Actually tower 17 but..., #beachbound Pelican spotted on the Pier Talbert Regional Park goes by many names. One other is the Talbert Nature Preserve. They all refer to a 91.5 acre tract abutting the Santa Ana River in Costa Mesa, which has only been a park for about 20 years, and which spent a great deal of the last century under brackish outflow from the river proper.
First impression: it looks like a converted sandlot. That is, a converted sandlot that takes up about the same acreage as an aircraft manufacturing plant. That's California, folks. You don't really know what scale is until you see how much there is of everything here. Not to wander to far afield, but I actually did see a sandlot or two when I was there. Each was bigger than the central downtown core of Portland, Oregon.
Like I said, scale.
Hike into the sandlot for a bit and you'll soon see things were not as they seemed. The place is teeming with wildlife. Mostly small wildlife -- garden lizards, well-fed squirrels, every songbird you can think of, and a bevy of insect life, some of which may be attracted to your blood type.
And the flowers are incredible. You'll never mistake this for the Butchart Gardens, but the variety of flora is extremely impressive, especially for a sandlot.
The Huntington isn't the same as it was back in the day but is still beautiful :) Pier A surfer navigating the pier. I just love the composition here with the pillars and the surfer coming in. There is never a bad day to go down to Huntington Beach with a camera, there's always something awesome to photograph.
#BvSWater A juice bar, restaurant, AND market. Why doesn't this happen more often?! We enjoyed the vegetarian food, fresh juice, and the existence of the separate gluten-free menu in the kitchen. In the market, we appreciated the prices of Bolthouse juice and young coconuts. The kitchen was out of beets and spinach, which was sad, but our juice and food still turned out well; I enjoyed my gingered greens & tempeh over brown rice. Total for two filling meals and two 16oz glasses of juice was about $23. #lunchtime Under the HB Pier I can only eat here about once a year due to the sheer decadence. Slaters 50/50 Burger, 50% ground Angus beef and 50%....wait for it....ground bacon! The signature burger pictured here is topped with aioli sauce, pepper jack cheese, avocado mash, and a fried egg. Washed down with your choice from about 40 craft beers and its a Pelican sculptures can be found throughout the grounds of the HB Civic Center, and on occasion real ones too (although these are far less messy). Huntington Beach Sunset @thePier Just enjoying the waves,breeze and reminiscing my dad who use to fish here. Biking to Sunset Beach Beach cruisers. #beachbound The Rainbow is a staple of Huntington Beach, classic bar, Aloha Grill, but the calamari tacos are truly where it's at. Be here, or be square. ... Had a amazing time with my dogs. Sunset over the pier California sunset in Surf City 🏄🇺🇸 Enjoying a beautiful sunset from Fred's - the perfect spot to relax after a great day. Sometimes you don't have to go very far to captured beautiful sunset. Surf City USA Huntington Beach California. One of the best beaches along the coast of Southern California. This photogenic pelican was just chilling there for me to take his photo so cooperative!
#beach #pelcan #bird #california Huntington Beach Pier. My Japanese maple #treetrove Had an amazing time surfing or at least attempting to surf for the first time in Huntington Beach, Ca The pier on a sunny day. #beach Mimosa sampler! Check out the pier Can hold more in its beak than its belly can 😂 Huntington Beach pier California dreaming... 🌅 Love the food and view! Palm Avenue just west of Goldenwest For a quarter you can see for miles! #beachbound Home-home 😘 I like soup. #beach I just really love Southern California. #ca #california #beach #sunset #huntington Nice view! Lovely summer evening ❤️
#EndlessSummer Sunday afternoon at the beach Beach Droning from home. View of the HB Pier from the beach trail at Golden West #beachbound 2012 US Open of Surfing With around a hundred thousand on the sand for the US Open of surfing, it's not really a hidden gem but a fun destination to be sure. Sometimes you look back at moments and wonder why you didn't appreciate them for what they were.
Nice lil taco joint across from the beach. Try the 5150 salsa, hot just like his sancha! US open of surfing in Huntington Beach
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