Prince Bay Park

This romantic area of landscaped gardens is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and a favored exercise spot by visitors staying in downtown Hangzhou.

Prince Bay Park, also known as Taiziwan Park, has almost 200 acres (80 hectares) of immaculately landscaped gardens. It is one of the prettiest spots in the West Lake Scenic Area. Rent a bike to easily see everything Prince Bay Park has to offer.

Visit Prince Bay Park in spring to see large areas of the park covered in tulips. A Tulip Festival is held each year in celebration. The cherry and apple trees are also in bloom at this time of the year.

Come to Prince Bay Park in the winter to see the bright yellow leaves of ginkgo and French phoenix trees alongside bright red maple canopies. There are few times of the year when the park’s trees are not covered in vivid color. 

Have your camera ready to photograph the blooms. Regardless of the weather, there is bound to be a wedding ceremony taking place. The crystal-clear water of the river and the various ornamental bridges are favorite spots for wedding photos. Horse-drawn carriages bearing newlyweds are a common sight. 

Let the kids run around the large lawns. Bring a picnic or play a game in one of the designated ball game spots. Stop for refreshments at the ornamental windmill, which functions as a café.

Make your way to the section of the park adjoining the hill and ascend the stairs to find breathtaking views of Hangzhou. It's one of the most peaceful vantage points you'll find anywhere in the region. The lookout is frequented by artists who come to capture the beauty of the West Lake. Come at the weekend to get a real feel for local life, when Hangzhou families visit the park to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Prince Bay Park is located at Taiziwan Gate on Nanshan Road. It's located very close to downtown Hangzhou. Catch a bus to Flower Harbor or Huagang. There is a small fee to enter the park. 

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