Royal Yacht Britannia

Glimpse the life of royalty in the elegant rooms of what was once the Queen of England's personal cruise liner and Britain's ambassadorial ship overseas.

The magnificent Royal Yacht Britannia, docked at Ocean Terminal, provides fascinating insight into the wealth and opulence enjoyed by Britain's head of state. The craft, which served the Windsors for over 44 years, is 412 feet (126 meters) long and classy from bow to stern. Follow in the footsteps of Britain's monarchs and explore the sumptuous bedrooms and gilded staircases.

The Britannia first launched in 1953 and served the Royal Family as a floating residence and for transportation to visit other nations. The yacht was used as both a venue for entertaining guests from around the world and a floating home for Queen Elizabeth II.

Start in the Visitor Centre in Ocean Terminal before boarding. Photos from the ship's history shed light on the legacy of the craft.

Visit five decks, which contain fancy dining rooms, servants’ quarters and Her Majesty's bed chamber. Imagine being the Queen's engineer in the shiny Engine Room and inspect the various dials and pistons. Other rooms below the decks include the Sick Bay and Galley.

The luxurious State Apartments offer even more clues about the life of a traveling monarch. See the Rolls-Royce that the Queen would have been chauffeured in around foreign nations and the dining room where other dignitaries and heads of state were entertained.

Use one of the audio guides, included in the ticket price and available in multiple languages, to learn about the gigantic vessel. Visiting families can choose tours with child-friendly narration.

Stop for an afternoon drink or a light lunch in the on-deck tearoom, which was once the dining room of royalty. Enjoy a cup of tea served in fine china, with views over the water to accompany your refreshments.

To get here, take a bus to Ocean Terminal, which is a 2-minute walk from the yacht. Free parking is available for drivers. Your ticket to the Royal Yacht Britannia, which is open every day of the year except Christmas and New Year's Day, entitles you to apply for a free annual pass that means you can visit again and again.

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